Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Perspectives on Rudolph the red nose Reindeer

As I was watching Rudolph tonight there were a lot of things I didn't really think about when I watched it when I was a kid. For example the head elf complains the Hermy wasn't very productive. If he wasn't very productive and denied a break why didn't the head elf give up his 10 minute break to supervise Hermy?

Also this special is very sexist. The male elves wear blue and the female elves wear pink. I'm not including the supervisor elf who wears green.

Also Santa is a jerk. Who gives him the right to say about Rudolph? That's why he wasn't eating. It was the stress of being a jerk.

I also think that Rudolph's Shiny New Year happens during this show. Between Rudolph being a kid and reaching adulthood.

When I was a kid I use to watch this special, and see the part about the misfit toys. I use to think that if I didn't play with my toys they would end up there. It use to scare me as a kid. The misfit toys most of them remind me of those junky toys you find at the dollar store that don't work quite right. What is the deal with doll? I think she there because it's all in her head.

The bumble didn't really scare me it looks sort of goofy and reminds me of an Isotope slipper in some way.

It was funny because for a while I was referring to Yukon Cornelius as Don Cornelius. Rudolph and Hermy are riding the Soul Sled. I bet there are people who confuse the character from A Christmas Carol; Jacob Marley with Bob Marley.

It was funny when my dad referred to Hermy as a "boy". Also why does Hermy have a different hairstyle than the other elves? He does sort of look like a boy.

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