Monday, December 7, 2009

Got My Leather Boots on, What do I Know

So I went to the Ferguson taping. Honestly I thought I wasn't going to make it. I mean like there would have been a problem aside from the rain.

Preparing to go was a bit of a problem. I had to dress warmly. Oh yeah and my nails are polished blue. I was so tempted to get some neon colored nail polish (either green or yellow) at the mall, but I opted for blue instead. I had to withstand the cold. My dad wanted me to layer a lot of shirts, but they just felt bulky and I couldn't move my arms much. I felt like Ralphie's little brother from A Christmas Story. Of course I wore my boots. Rain is good boot weather. I ended up wearing too much hairspray. I did need some because it was rainy, and my hair does get a little frizzy. I only use mega hold strength.

On the way over there we listened to appropriate music. Why Garbage music of course. Well only the debut album since the car I was riding in only had a cassette player. I didn't mind; that is my favorite Garbage album, and it has "Only Happy When it Rains"on it which is a rather fitting song for today. I also kept tweeting in the car.

First of all there was parking luckily! And it was free.

The wait in the rain wasn't too bad or long. It sort of reminded me of when I was in junior high and the school didn't have an indoor cafeteria it was just a covered patio area. The thing that bothered me was that the studio was really loose about the guidelines they had like dressing nicely. People were dressed pretty sloppily like with jeans, hats, and stuff like that. They also let people take in bags, purses and cell phones. Like I said before the dress code upset me more than the bags thing. I can travel minimally. I went to a high school with no lockers, and when you do space is a precious commodity in your backpack.

I liked some of the items they had for sale in the studio store; especially The Price is Right onesie. Start them off young. If I had a kid I'd put them in that. Plus it's gender neutral. It could be for a boy or a girl. It was a white onesie.

The warm up guy was annoying. He made me feel like I was back at a high school pep rally. Which coincidentally I usually get stuck sitting by an overly enthusiastic person, and I did back then and at the taping. The guy wasn't that funny. I've read better jokes on Bazooka wrappers. The one good thing was that I didn't have to hear the Animaniacs them song like 5 times. Actually that happened to me when I went to that game show taping back in '95. Since it was for kids' they played a bunch of kids' songs. I think they had a soundtrack CD from the show or something. I remember singing the Pinky and the Brain theme song too. Too bad they didn't play any Garbage songs. That would have been so appropriate. The guy also told us to introduce ourselves to the people around us. It was strange. I don't like to do that stuff. I'm really shy. The guy threw candy at the audience. I was hoping I'd get a Capri Sun too. That was what they fed us back at that other taping. I guess it was to keep us hyper and stuff. I remember one time when I watched
Ferguson and he did that segment where he reads mail somebody wrote to him and complained that they went to a taping and got hit in the head with a candy bar. The only reason I remember this was because this was featured in an episode that Shirley was a guest on (previously).

The studio is really small. It looks a lot bigger on tv. Also Craig seemed shorter than I thought he was. I was so tempted to ask where the bucket was to collect the leaks when it rains.

Shirley looked great. I'm not going to spoil what she talked about. Anyway it was really hard to hear what she was saying since they kept want us to applaud her. Well I guess I can hear what she says when I watch it on tv.

I had no idea who the second guest was who replaced Wayne Newton. He was some sports writer. Too bad Shirley could not have been the only guest.

After the show my dad and I went to a McDonald's and got a McRib. ^-^ It was very good. It was also my 2nd rib sandwich of the day. I ate a frozen one (from the dollar store) at home before we left for the show. It made me feel nostalgic.


  1. Celebrities often look smaller in real life, I noticed that too.

    I think the closest I got to Garbage are several visits on garbagepage from the Madison Wisconsin area. I became a fan after they stopped touring, but the live stuff is not my scene anyway, but would have been good to see them in person once.

    Do you even know where Butch, Steve and Duke live these days?
    Have you ever actually spoken to S. Manson?( :

    I think it's strange Ferguson and other interviewers don't ask about her love life, but I guess they respect her privacy, which is nice.


  2. I've seen Shirley in person 3 times; once at a concert they performed at in Long Beach CA in 2002, At the Golden Apple signing, and at the Ferguson taping.

    I have no idea what the guys are up to. I think Butch is still producing albums, and when he performed at the benefit show with her.

    I have talked to Shirley, but not on this occasion. If you want to read the story about that it's in my archives blog. Here is the url for that entry.

  3. Thanks for the link, I liked the way you built the tension and made it into a kind of adventure And you found the treasure ( :

  4. Celebrity encounter stories aren't as fun if they don't have a fun story to go along with them.

    Thanks for the part about the tension. I just told it how I saw it.