Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Miscellaneous Blog #26

I came up with a great idea for a Halloween costume today! A possum! Not the ones from Australasia, but the ones native to North America. the ones that look like this.
That would be a pretty scary costume. Oh yeah and I don't mean like a mascot one with the big head and the fursuit.

Here are a few things I forgot to mention about the Ferguson taping. When Shirley came out. I was just fixated on her. I wasn't even looking at Craig, and she was the only person I gave a staining ovation wholeheartedly for. Also those faux windows on the set look more purple than blue in person.

When she talked about learning how to do an American accent, and Craig told her to learn dialects. The first one that came to mind was the "Wisconsin" accent. I would think that would be an easy one for her to learn since she was based out of Wisconsin for all those years with Garbage. It's just a thought I'm throwing out there to Shirley.

When I watched the episode. I noticed I did not see the back of my head. I'd recognize my bad red haired dye job. It looked like the middle part of the audience was shown, and I was sitting on the right.

Since I'm getting back to school, or at least trying to that means I have to see the counselor again. I mean like a career counselor, and not like therapy. I have a really funny blog about the last time I went. Or did I post that already?...I don't know. I'll have to check.

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