Monday, December 14, 2009

Think Pink and Yellow

After watching a Pink Panther cartoon a few days ago. I started thinking about the Pink Panther lemonade. I use to love drinking this as a kid. Was it not well known or something because the first time I tried looking it up on the web a few days ago I couldn't find anything. I just put it in Google image search and I found a picture of it. I couldn't remember if there was a picture of his sons on it or not.

Then I started thinking about the ice cream. Which is more well known. Do they still make those? They sort of tasted like those one that looked like a foot. Are the foot ones still around too?

That was the pink part of the blog and here comes the yellow.

Here is a pikachu doodle I drew earlier today. I was inspired by this Santa pikachu picture. I thought "Why not make pikachu an elf?"

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