Thursday, December 17, 2009

Miscellaneous Blog #27 (Holiday Blog)

I decided to blog sporadically for the rest of the year. Actually I've been feeling pretty lethargic.

Actually I like to address a few things. You know I thought The Rant Blog was going to help me get out my feelings, but in hindsight I feel it has just made me angrier.

Anyway on to holiday related things. I'm in better spirits this year than I was last year. Even if I didn't decorate my room. I'm going to take it easy and watch my specials I have on tape and DVD. I feel like watching Garfield. I like that Christmas special. Even though I can't find all my DVDs I have enough to hold me over. Maybe I'll watch those Pokemon themed Christmas episodes.
Aside from watching Christmas programming. I've been reading catalogs; especially food ones. I've been salivating at pictures of hams, turkeys, gummi candy, chocolate, and toffee. I love toffee. Oh yeah and I looked at the toy catalog too, but there are no toys that really interested me this year. Not even the Zhu Zhu pets.

Here's an old Chritmas picture I drew a long time ago. It was between the ages of 12-14. I must say I didn't do a very good job of coloring it.
Here's another drawing of a panda and a cat in a stocking.

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