Thursday, December 3, 2009

Victory!..Sort of

I'm sure how this happened, but my plan worked. Which is funny since they usually don't. Ok so here was my plan. Yesterday I found out Shirley Manson was going to be a guest The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson. What is this her 4th appearance? I was going to ask to go to the taping; no riding the bus alone this time. Even though it could have been a possibility. The funny thing is that I had a dream before I asked that I would be rejected. In my dream my mom told me not to focus on such silly things and focus on applying to school. (there are still a few things I need to straighten out.) Perhaps my guilt is speaking to me in my dream? The funny thing is that I took the rejection well in the dream.

I'm going to sweep school registration under the rug for now.

So I asked my dad and he said he would take me. I was more surprised that he said we could go. I had to tell him it was a taping for Ferguson's show. I guess he thinks I'm a big Ferguson fan or something. I don't know. I was only interested in going to his show because of the guest that he is having on the show. Why is that a strange concept to my dad? He told me he use to go to taping of things just for the guests and not for the show in particular. That's how he went to all those Midnight Special tapings. I think he also went to a few In Concert tapings too. I also thought "If he takes me does that mean I owe him a Raiders meet and greet?"

This did not come without a few problems. First of all you don't really get a ticket to the show is more like a pass. You are not guaranteed to see the show if you sign up for a pass. Secondly you are not allowed to take any kind of bag into the studio like purses or backpacks. (I feel like I'm back in high school). Thirdly there is a dress code for the show and you have to dress nicely. You are not allowed to wear hats, t-shirts or shorts. You can't go in there dressed like John Cena. What kind of a talkshow has a dress code for the audience!? That was beyond me. @.@ I wonder what you are allowed to wear during the summer?... That was like the worst rule! I don't have a lot of fancy clothes. It also said don't wear white clothes. Perhaps they don't film well? Too bad I was planning on wearing a school uniform like they told us to do when we went to the taping in '95. J/K :P Actually you couldn't anyway because my old school uniforms we wore white shirts. I won't be wearing a black nurse dress or a pink mini dress. :P I will be wearing my boots because I feel that is appropriate footwear.

Then it made me think "When was the last time I went to a tv taping? Oh yeah back in '95 when Seacrest snubbed me. "

When my dad told me it might rain I thought "Oh great! They are going to have to get out the bucket." Craig mentioned this to Shirley the last time she was a guest on the show. Then she told a Garbage related joke. If it does rain it will be a fitting weather pattern for Shirley's appearance.

If I do actually get in and stuff I'll give a full report if I'm not napping or something. I'd really like to see Shirley in person again.

Maybe next time I'll try to go to a taping of The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien. Does anybody know if his show has a dress code? Or maybe The Price is Right... I can wear a t-shirt with Drew's picture on it or maybe even Rod Roddy or Olson.


  1. just wondering, did you manage to get in the audience on craig ferguson?

  2. Yeah I did the follow up blog about my experience at the taping is titled "Got My Leather Boots on, What do I Know". It's the December 7th entry.