Thursday, December 10, 2009

Everybody Hates Counseling

If you think I got the title from the show Everybody Hates Chris I did. Actually watching an episode of the show relates to the blog.

This story starts in 10th grade after my English class was told to take an absurd and outdated career test. If I remember correctly the test had a copyright date of about 1982. Like I stated before here are some of the outdated careers it gave me; window display designer, bartender and wig maker. I was very disappointed by my results.

So somebody suggested to me that I see a counselor. It was probably my parents. I kept having problems. I had my appointment scheduled at a wacky early hour. I accidentally ended up going to the appointment at the right time on the wrong day!

When I finally went on the right day the counselor isn't much help. I mean all she told me was about the classes I needed and what transferred. I mean I knew most of that stuff. She wasn't much help. She advised me take a class I didn't even need! I think I mentioned this previously.

After feeling confused and cheated by my counseling session. I watched an episode of Everybody Hates Chris. I was the one called "Everybody Hates the Guidance Counselor". I was so ironic that was almost like the experience I had.

After I went to that counselor I had to see a career counselor. He was telling me about all the different career opportunities in America, and that people in other countries (like him) don't have that opportunity. I felt thankful and still overwhelmed.

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