Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Finding Some Career Direction

Ok, since I decided to go back to school again I'm hoping this time I will not get bored with school so easily this time. Plus I should try and take the Microsoft Office Suite class again since the last time I took it at another school I didn't do so well. I just hope my dad doesn't try to get me to use his old outdated adult school book again. *rolls eyes*

I do think taking a computer repair class would be helpful too. Maybe I can figure out a way to fix my computer myself. I don't expect to be a proficient computer repair person that quickly though.

This time I have more drive. I think? Well since I figured out what I want to do. Last time I had to meet up with a counselor who recommended I be a teacher or a nurse. Two occupations that would not fit my personality. I don't like children or dealing with hurt people, and a combination of both would be even worse. I want to do something media related. At least this time when I meet with the counselor I won't say something like "I don't know.".

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