Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Kermit was always "Green"

I found this old PSA on youtube a few days ago. It's probably one of my favorite PSAs from the 80s along with Right to Say "NO", Bugs Bunny for Shriners, and Officer Byrd.

Fishing with Kermit
When I was a kid I use to love watching this PSA. Maybe this is where my love for Fozzie started, and maybe the Muppet babies too. According to the Muppet wiki this PSA started airing in 1984, but I remember it being on for many years after that.

Here's a funny story about that PSA. When I was about 2 my mom had put up this picture of a stream or a lake or something like that I don't remember very well. Anyway the picture sort of looked like the place they were fishing at in the PSA. I would go in the bathroom and say they were "in" the picture.

Officer Byrd
When I heard them tell him "1-Adam Bird" I heard"Banana Bird". I just loved the theme song. As a kid I would get so excited when I would see him ride the bike. It also spoke and said "Hello". It says that in one of those PSA. I remember them being shown on KTTV channel 11. When I was a kid I wanted a Macaw parrot; an Officer Byrd looking one, and that could hopefully ride a bike.

Bugs Bunny
I was so inspired by the Bugs PSA that I broke a sun tea jar trying to reenact the PSA. When I was a kid I thought pots could talk and turn into cartoons. I also remember this one being shown on KTTV a lot too.

I don't have much to say about the Right to say "NO" PSA aside from that I liked it and I remember it being shown a lot on Saturday Mornings especially on KABC 7.

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