Saturday, November 21, 2009

Leaving Meez

You know it's had for a website to get my attention. I'm talking about corporate sites. I mean there are some pretty good hobby sites out there too, but they are usually not updated as much. Usually the people who run those have lives.

I usually don't leave sites by choice like I get bored with them. Usually there is some technical problem I have with the site that can't be fixed for some reason or the site shuts down. The strange thing is that I'll get really into a site, and then it shuts down for some inexpiable reason. This has happened to me on at least 5 occasions.

Actually the web got me through some hard times as a distraction. Which made me think of this quote from The Office episode "Murder" in which Micheal states "'Battleship' got me through my parents' divorce. 'Operation' got me through my vasectomy." In the spirit of Micheal Neopets got me though 2004 and Meez got me through 2008-2009.

Not to sound like a hypocrite or anything, but I do still go back to Neopets in December for the advent calender. I didn't do that last year because I was off line for a while. I do plan on going back this year though.

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