Sunday, November 29, 2009

Epic Fail

As I was cleaning up today I found my old high school senior year yearbook. As I was thumbing through it. First of all I want to say that our varsity football team wasn't that good.

Aside from that I was wondering when did I start to fall? You know become a failure. I think it didn't start in college. It started all the way back in high school. Back in junior year. After I failed math for the first time I continued to ride a downward spiral in my senior year. I got kicked out of the one club I belonged to. I felt like a marked woman.

I guess when I went to college I thought I have a fresh start with high school behind me. Well then I failed math again. You know I was embarrassed, had too much pride, and all that.

I started thinking was I always a failure. You can ignore this pity party blog. But maybe I need to be like those people who ignore failures and just look at them as learning experiences or something.

Which made me think did I fail at life?

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