Monday, November 2, 2009

Engrish Funtime of the Stationary Kind

Ok I had been teasing this blog for a while

Here are some scans I took of some of my Engrish notepads. I think they are really funny. Sorry some of them are so small. If you can’t read it I will write what they say under them.

“Pianist Sky shs plays excellent jass piano”

“White Baby Cat…To Day is TTiTTi’s Day”

This cat looks more like a bear. I’m going to add this character to my list of “Hello Kitty Knockoffs”

“A vivid Sky

Hello! Everyone. My name is cute Sky.

I like a bautyful Flower, and Friends...

Have a nice-day!”

“Tennis Sky

Hi! My name is Sky…My habit is tennis, that is very funny sport…”

Here is a drawing pad that says “The energy which needs to study” I think that phrase is really funny. It sounds like something that would on a bottle of stimulants. The phrase on the pad was the reason I bought it in the first place.

I think the girl on the cover look a little like a mix of Sakura and Ichigo. My mom thinks the bird on the cover looks like DeDeDe from the Kirby series.

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