Sunday, July 31, 2011

Look Out Here Comes Tomorrow

That's what I get for coincidentally checking my email at 3AM. The email was sent at about 10:30PM the day before.

Coincidentally before my interview I was watching The Monkees episode "Monkee Versus Machine". I love that episode! It's one of my favorites. My favorite part is in the beginning when they are reading the want ads most of the jobs they read about have strange requirements.

Maybe it's a good thing I didn't get to work at that other sandwich place.

I took my dad's stupid advice and brought 3 resumes. The other 2 I didn't hand out got ruined. I got asked about the restaurant and what I like there. I said Spring Rolls. The guy almost kept my only food card copy. I got hired. I think...? :/ The guy told me about orientation. I'll worry about my long nails until I know I got the job.

I just hope nobody reads my review of boba on here. X-X

I picked up more of that candy that tastes like sodalicious. The hi chew is over priced at the mall. It's $1 just for the roll. I was going to buy a Maneki Neko, but I forgot which raised paw means wealth. (it's the right paw)

If I do get hired I'll probably be one of those snobby people who brags about where they work and how good they are at their job and the food they make.

I didn't notice that my purse was totally coordinated with the shirt I was wearing.

My dad told me something strange he thinks I can handle making sandwiches because it's easy. Usually after a job interview he tells me about how I can't handle the job or something.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Old Yellow Notepad Stories

I was cleaning and I found my old note pad with some stories I wrote in them. A while ago I tried to type them up or I did. I forgot what happened to them. I think I might have given them to my dead friend. I remember getting feedback from her about some of the stories. They flow well I guess... There are just way too many Power Ranger references. The one thing was that they were organized in chronological order. Maybe I have been fixated on chronological order for awhile. The stories aren't that long. One I typed out was about 1 paragraph long in 11 point font single spaced.

It will be good in case there are no classes available, and I get stuck taking another memoir class I'll have some prewritten stories. I was so unprepared my first time. When I think about it that would be like doing unassigned math homework before taking a math class.

Who knows these might be a jumping board to something else. These vignettes might make great 4 panel comics or something. As long as I don't feel they are mediocre then I'll be ok.

The problem is that those stories and a bunch of others I wrote on paper need to be typed out. I think I need an intern like Kramer got on Seinfeld. Which is a woman who lives in a messy house. That does not contain a chicken.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Keep Stickin it to Me!

Some of these came out blurry. I was trying to take pictures of these stickers off a lunch box. I think I just liked the stickers because they had (scalloped?) edges like a stamp. I forgot where I got them. I think they came in a small plastic purse with other things like an eraser and a pencil and some other school supplies. I think I put them on my lunch box circa 1989. That is also why some of the stickers look a little tattered. I was too lazy to clean up the edges of the pictures.

These rabbit stickers are very cartoony. In some of these stickers the rabbit kind of looks like Bugs Bunny. My favorite is the one of the rabbit singing.
These are of a squirrel or a chipmunk?
Mice stickers. Lovin' the Supermouse!
The gray raccoon ones look like an old cartoon style.
The rest are just other designs. The rabbit one did have a scalloped border, but it got trimmed and used for a school project.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Vanilla and Melon

I bought some melon Hi-chew and vanilla panda cookies. I can't remember if I had melon favored Hi-chew before. I had to buy 2 packs of Hi-chew since the store had a must purchase 2 for a dollar sale.

I will be reviewing them shortly.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Nobody Listens to Random Shit

I was looking up different sandwiches on the wikipedia. I found this sandwich called a Cheese Dream. It looked like my kind of sandwich. There are lot of variations of it.

I also thought about writing cheese dream parody song. Using the song "Teenage Dream"

I heard the song "Words" by Missing Persons. That's the way I feel right now. Nobody is listening to me. I decided to be a jerk, and just start saying random shit. If nobody is listening anyway why would it matter.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Club Two-Seven

I have a great idea for a Halloween costume Lauren Zizes from Glee. But how would I dress like her. If I did make a Lauren costume would anybody know who I was dressed as, or just think I was just wearing lipstick, glasses and regular clothes. (I think Lauren is up there with my Meg Griffin costume. They are both pretty ambiguous)

Sexy podium-small cardboard podium in the front, back less shirt, and hot pants or a thong.
Sexy Alex Trebek (a sexy version of any man who wears a suit)- hot pants, thigh highs, garters, high shoes, and lots of cleavage.

Now another one came to me unexpectedly Amy Winehouse

My mom didn't know who she was, and I really need that mom celebrity translator from SNL. She's talking about her, and I have no idea what is going on. I was idly watching The Monkees. ;P Davy in a wig as a girl LOL!

Am I like the only one who thought the writing was on the wall with Winehouse? Or am I just stupid and insensitive? :/ *shrug*

I was trying to explain to my parents about the soulful UK singer movement with Winehouse, Duffy and Adele. There is probably somebody else I'm forgetting. I'm writing this by memory. My parents have no idea what I'm talking about.

Really people do you need to retweet everything that celebrities about the passing of Winehouse? Stop cluttering up my timeline!

I didn't think about her being 27 and those other singers who died at 27. Until my dad brought it up, and people were tweeting about this.

Rene Goguen, Mandy Moore, LeBron James, and me. Those are other celebrities could possibly die at 27 since they are all 27 right now. I don't count because I'm not famous. Unless I was one of those people that died, and then became famous.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Flounder Mush

Never eat Arrowtooth Flounder. It's disgusting! The fish is incredibly mushy! It might be good to eat if you don't have a lot of teeth or something. I thought it was just me, but a lot of other people online complained about this.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Faust's got Nothin on Me

Really he doesn't.

I've been posting a bunch of craigslist ads. Some direct, some pathetic, and some silly. One of the job offers I got was to work in the adult film industry! @.@ XD

What to do about being so homely?

I applied for a job at a car wash. The ad said nothing about providing photos or anything. I'm not going to quote this strange email reply I got yesterday, but I'll paraphrase it. It's that absurd! The email reply said for me to provide facebook pics and if I'm good at car washing. Shouldn't the question about car washing come first? Why does it matter how good looking I am? Shouldn't only my car washing ability matter first?

Anyway I looked up that car wash on facebook, and it looks sort of ghetto.

There is another company that was looking for people to pass out fliers or something, but they also needed a photo. They would not accept applications without ones. I guess they got pretty desperate because they reposed the ad the day before they needed the person. I was going to call the company, and ask why they needed a photo. If they wanted I could meet with somebody from the company in person. Then my looks could be evaluated and see if I was potential hiring material; or not.

Maybe I should just chalk up my losses and try to find work at a big company that won't mind hiring an ugly person.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

New Winx Club Dolls

I'm upset since I heard that Jakks Pacific are going to make the new winx club dolls. I really hope they use a good body for them. The Mattel ones had a "Leggy" doll body.

What other dolls did they make? Will they use a "recycled" body? Maybe the dolls will be somewhat compatible and be able to "share" clothes with the old dolls. I hope they don't use those Juku Couture bodies. I hope the dolls have good eyes. It seems like the doll makers (Mattel, Simba, and Giochi Preziosi) have a hard time replicating the eyes on these dolls. They look nothing like how they do on the cartoon. Some dolls to me look crossed eyed or something. The Pixie dolls weren't bad.

Who knows maybe my cousins will get into the new version of the Winx Club. They are only 1 and 3 so when the next few seasons come out they will be about 3 and 6.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Little Mouse on the Prairie

I started watching a Chinese dub of this show with English subs. Does anybody know anything about it? I can't find much info on it. I think it came out in 1997. Does anybody know anything about it? I already read what was on the toonaricifc and the Big cartoon database. The female mouse Tweezle Dee looks like Gadget Hackwrench.

Here are some screen caps from the channels.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Free Hat

With the new dub of Winx club which I caught some clips of it on youtube watching it reminded me of the South Park episode "Free Hat". Where the directors kept changing movies. I heard that Rainbow changed the animation because it looked out dated. It looks weird now especially if somebody has watched the old episodes. I did they really need to re-do Stella's wand and their outfits? That's like totally defacing the cartoon! I feel like the South Park kids in "Free Hat".

For the voices I know some of them are voiced by teenagers.

The voices:
Bloom: I kinda like it
Stella: not boastful enough sound too meek for Stella, sounds like a kid
Flora: needs some improvement it's lacking something
Tecna: too bland kinda sounds like the old Bloom
Musa: I kinda like it
Icy: sounds like a little kid doesn't sound arrogant enough
Darcy: (see Icy)
Stormy: not bad

I know some people are happy it got out of 4kids hands, but the hands it went into might be just as bad. I think it's funny that a bunch of teenagers are complaining about the new version and how their childhood is ruined. I would not be in this group since I first saw Winx Club when I was 20. I guess the old "bad" version makes them nostalgic? I miss the boastful Stella voice. When I use to play Fashion Polly and Magical Minis Winx with my cousin I would use that boastful Stella voice. It would annoy my mom. I'd also use the word "couture" a lot. @.@

I have a great idea for another Winx Club themed parody song. My "Umbrella" song didn't work out. This time I'm gonna use a punk song.


an ungrateful wretch

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

How Much Frosting do you Choose? a Dunkaroos Review

I was only going to just write an introductory paragraph, but then it turned into more than 5.

According to the wikipedia it says Dunkaroos came out in 1988. But I don’t remember having them until the early 90s circa 1993. I remember when I first ate them they only came in 2 varieties chocolate frosting and plain vanilla frosting. Each variety both had the same graham cracker/cookies with them to dunk.

They were pretty hard to eat not physically. I was because anytime I opened a pack somebody would come out of the woodwork and try to mooch them off me. The type of kid who constantly “forgets” to bring their lunch. They only want your “good food” aka the junk food. Once it runs out or they eat it all they are off to mooch off somebody else. It wasn’t just the Dunkaroos it was also the fruit snacks and the snack cakes too. This is why I don’t eat brownies in public. Actually that could be like a little running gag I have.

The thing I didn’t get about some of those moocher kids was they would brag about their expensive shoes (which they really had) and other things they bragged about. Why couldn’t their family spare a few bucks for some snack foods?

I liked to eat them along with the cheese and bread sticks Handi-snacks. The cookies were good dipped in the cheese and the bread sticks were good dipped in the frosting. (But never the crackers or the pretzels)

They could have been part of the ultimate 90s lunch:
Kool-burst, Squeez-it, Mondo
Fruit snacks/fruit rolls
Occasionally a Gobble Stick, some cheese, snack cakes, or cookies
A lunchable was more of a treat (I rarely got these)
(A non-90s regular sandwich. Containing lettuce, meat, and mayonnaise on white bread. )

Packed in a Beauty and the Beast or Darkwing Duck lunchbox. Practically every girl in my third grade class had a Beauty and the Beast lunch box, and bunch of other girls at the school. I had to put a few stickers on mine to distinguish it from the others. Some of the girls had those lunch boxes that looked like coolers.

I was being lazy and looking for a picture of a Darkwing Duck lunchbox online, but I managed to find my own. I was looking for something else. Look! A faux retro photo. If I’m only eating that for lunch that is pretty sad. The thermos didn't yellow there was too much glare in that pic.

It was not as exotic as eating sheets of seaweed. I would trade for those. Plus there was a health food craze goin’ on in third and fourth grade. A sandwich with whole wheat bread with lots of veggies and a little bit of meat. Laughing Cow cheese. Don’t forget the 100% juice! I forget what else was included. :/

I remember when the Dunkaroos had funny shapes like feet. The cookies were really shaped like feet. There are some various commercials on youtube.

Enough nostalgic rambling. Onto the review. Since I already had these back in the 90s I sort of have an idea of what they would taste like. It smelled the same. The combination of this one is white sprinkle frosting with cinnamon cookies. The cookies were good and crunchy. They have that cinnamon taste like the old ones did. They still taste the same. The frosting texture seemed a little different from the 90s version, but I'm not sure if that was due to the heat. It was still good. It mostly tastes the same. Nostalgia factor from 1-10. 10 being highest 8. There was some leftover frosting. I ate the leftover frosting like I used to when I was a kid and scoop it out with my finger. it brought me back to 4th grade lunch! Chased it the Dunkaroos down with some Kool-aid. Squeez-its are out of production. :P

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Logo Crazy! @.@

Look! I found the Logopedia! I didn't even know this existed!

And don't forget the closing logo wiki.

Monday, July 11, 2011

But not for Free

I forgot to get a free slurpee today. :(

They were DC nails and they had a picture of Harley on the box, but there were no nails with her on them. There was some girl trying to sell me a pack of fake nails at the Hot Topic store. They were really ugly. I think I could decorate fake nails better than that.

I found a Japanese store at the mall. I think it use to be a brick and mortar store in the area and then moved to the mall. I think I passed another one when I was looking for that place in Atlantic Square. I bought some Lucky Stick there. They are the Meiji version of Pocky. Meiji also makes yan yan, but I tried it and I thought it was gross. (chocolate flavor)

There use to be a store in the mall that sold Asian housewares and stationary that was in the mall about 10 years ago. They use to sell Chibimaruko Chan stuff there.

To that guy who vandalized good for him! He's doing something with his life. Letterman doesn't deserve to have a show. You have no idea what you are talking about on your show. JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP! I HATE YOU! YOU HAS BEEN!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

I almost forgot today is my half birthday. It usually occurs around the time of the MLB all star game. Half birthdays aren't so special anymore. :/

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Prism Fly

Former First Lady Mrs. Ford died in honor of her death kick back a stiff one and listen to "Raise Your Glass" the Warblers cover.

I was watching Angel’s Friends and the more I watch it the more it reminds me of Winx Club. (aside from the English voice actors)

Bloom and Raf’s color is a shade of blue. Although some claim that Bloom’s is teal. They come from a “mysterious” origin. Bloom’s was the destruction of Sparx/Domino . Raf’s was having an angel mother and a mortal father. Both of them have some problem why they can’t reach another advanced form. They “force” it to happen.

Prism Fly is that every angel and devil has a chromatic essence. On the angels Prism Fly looks mysteriously similar to Enchantix. Urie’s wings look more like Belelivix. Although the female devils get very elegant outfits which don’t seem very devilish at all. They look like something in between Disenchantix and Enchantix. The male devils outfits just look like fancy casual clothes. They are not sparkly. Why was Cabiria's color blue?

I’d buy a set of official DVDs of Angel's Friends (English dub or sub) for a reasonable price.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Nerding Out Some More!

I bought a Sailor Moon scout guide book with some left over money I had. I remember reading the book in a mall about 10 years ago. I thought it was funny that Sailor Moon and I have the same blood type; O. After I received it my dad wanted to "inspect" the book. He did this before when I bought school books online. He got mad because I paid $8 for a beat up book. It was the only one in my price range. It’s not too beat up. For that price to me it was a deal. Those books are rare anyway and really over priced. I already showed it to him once why does he need to "inspect" it again?

I already nerded out for the Mercury and Venus guides.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

By/Buy a Hammer

I bought a quad/graph paper composition book. I don't know why I just thought it was interesting. I'll use it for journal. Maybe I can write about how much I like baby lotion in it. I like that the lotion is referred to as "JBL" LOL! ;P

There was a girl at the store who was very excited to get this plush doll. At first I couldn't see who the doll was. Then I saw it was Amy Rose. I went to see where those dolls were ironically the dolls are near toy squeaky hammers. I'm not sure if this was purposely done or just a funny coincidence. The only other Sonic character I saw was Cream. The dolls are about a foot tall and are $4.99. Is that a good deal? :/

I also bought my first piece of Disney Princess merchandise with Tiana on it. Ariel was also on it. I make it a policy to not buy Disney Princess merchandise unless Ariel is on it.

Monday, July 4, 2011

"Celebrate the independence of your nation by blowing up a small part of it."

Lisa Style 4th of July "Like, you know, whatever!" I should wear a tie dye shirt.
I love this quote from The Simpsons episode "Summer of 4 ft. 2". "Celebrate the independence of your nation by blowing up a small part of it."
I used the phrase "chaotic randomness" I hardly ever use that when I talk.
I use it a lot in my writing.

I did enjoy Conan hosting and talking about the different movies he likes.
He has good taste in movies.

I helped 2 of my cousins make a meez.

Here is a picture of a fountain.

Here is a picture of some crazy ass fireworks some people near where I was.
Were stetting off.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Goodbye Sam and Sunshine

Sam and Sunshine are gone from Glee.

A lot of Gleeks are mad about this. Sunshine was only a guest star. She wasn't a central character. She didn't even go to McKinley. Except for the 1st episode.

As for Sam I got a got idea about how to write him out of the show. His family decides to go back to where they come from (I totally forget the state and the glee wiki doesn't list it.) because there is no work in Ohio. And he breaks up with Mercedes.

Plus almost all the "kids" are leaving and I'm using this term loosely. Ok the students. I hope the staff doesn't leave too like Will, Sue, and Emma. The students will be graduating. A few Gleeks thinks this will bring the show into the toilet.

If I wrote for the show I'd bring in some new characters in season 3 that are younger and have them bridge the gap. Like they did with Scrubs with Sunny and Denise.

Who knows what season 4 will bring? It might be good it might be bad. What was my lifespan prediction for Glee? Oh yeah 3 years.

Friday, July 1, 2011

1st of July and Smoke gets in my Eye (because of fireworks)

I'd better acknowledge the Canadians. HAPPY CANADA DAY!

Here is a picture of somebody Canadian: Cory Monteith.

I should stop being a selfish American I can do that a few days from now.

I finally got my food card. Now I'm legally able in California to touch food! The test was so easy! I really didn't need to take 9 pages of notes. Hopefully this will make me more desirable for employers. I could possibly be touching your food!

My hair is longer and I still can't believe that I can still make a tight and proper bun. It looks like something Lilith Sternin would wear. I was trying to hold back a lot of hair. I even broke a clip. It was a cheapie one from the 99 cents store.

I was at the Angels vs. Dodgers interlaegue game. It was intense. I didn’t realize the rivalry was so strong. It thought it wasn’t that strong since Angels are American League and Dodgers are National League. When I went I wanted to remain neutral, so I didn’t wear either team’s color.

For Tony Gwynn they really need to distinguish between the father and the son. This is especially confusing if somebody remembers when the dad played.

It was hard for me to capture the Dodger fans' rowdiness. They don't throw napkins off the side. I think that is due to the construction of Angel Stadium as opposed to the construction of Dodger Stadium.

Some of the anti-Dodger cheers were “Can‘t Make Payroll!” and “Bankrupt Team” I wanted to start a “team debt” chant. I ‘d like to see somebody make a sign or shirt like that with the “D” in debt using the “D” from the Dodgers logo. I made this very quickly in paint. Excuse the sloppiness. I also like the "McCourt $0" shirt a Dodger fan was wearing. Some of the fans can have fun with this.

I have an idea for a funny song. In LA the local games are shown on KCAL, and the commercials have a little song in them. There is a lyric that goes "If you wanna be a champion then you can't wait any longer". I changed it to "If you wanna get paid then you can't wait any longer". ;P