Wednesday, July 13, 2011

How Much Frosting do you Choose? a Dunkaroos Review

I was only going to just write an introductory paragraph, but then it turned into more than 5.

According to the wikipedia it says Dunkaroos came out in 1988. But I don’t remember having them until the early 90s circa 1993. I remember when I first ate them they only came in 2 varieties chocolate frosting and plain vanilla frosting. Each variety both had the same graham cracker/cookies with them to dunk.

They were pretty hard to eat not physically. I was because anytime I opened a pack somebody would come out of the woodwork and try to mooch them off me. The type of kid who constantly “forgets” to bring their lunch. They only want your “good food” aka the junk food. Once it runs out or they eat it all they are off to mooch off somebody else. It wasn’t just the Dunkaroos it was also the fruit snacks and the snack cakes too. This is why I don’t eat brownies in public. Actually that could be like a little running gag I have.

The thing I didn’t get about some of those moocher kids was they would brag about their expensive shoes (which they really had) and other things they bragged about. Why couldn’t their family spare a few bucks for some snack foods?

I liked to eat them along with the cheese and bread sticks Handi-snacks. The cookies were good dipped in the cheese and the bread sticks were good dipped in the frosting. (But never the crackers or the pretzels)

They could have been part of the ultimate 90s lunch:
Kool-burst, Squeez-it, Mondo
Fruit snacks/fruit rolls
Occasionally a Gobble Stick, some cheese, snack cakes, or cookies
A lunchable was more of a treat (I rarely got these)
(A non-90s regular sandwich. Containing lettuce, meat, and mayonnaise on white bread. )

Packed in a Beauty and the Beast or Darkwing Duck lunchbox. Practically every girl in my third grade class had a Beauty and the Beast lunch box, and bunch of other girls at the school. I had to put a few stickers on mine to distinguish it from the others. Some of the girls had those lunch boxes that looked like coolers.

I was being lazy and looking for a picture of a Darkwing Duck lunchbox online, but I managed to find my own. I was looking for something else. Look! A faux retro photo. If I’m only eating that for lunch that is pretty sad. The thermos didn't yellow there was too much glare in that pic.

It was not as exotic as eating sheets of seaweed. I would trade for those. Plus there was a health food craze goin’ on in third and fourth grade. A sandwich with whole wheat bread with lots of veggies and a little bit of meat. Laughing Cow cheese. Don’t forget the 100% juice! I forget what else was included. :/

I remember when the Dunkaroos had funny shapes like feet. The cookies were really shaped like feet. There are some various commercials on youtube.

Enough nostalgic rambling. Onto the review. Since I already had these back in the 90s I sort of have an idea of what they would taste like. It smelled the same. The combination of this one is white sprinkle frosting with cinnamon cookies. The cookies were good and crunchy. They have that cinnamon taste like the old ones did. They still taste the same. The frosting texture seemed a little different from the 90s version, but I'm not sure if that was due to the heat. It was still good. It mostly tastes the same. Nostalgia factor from 1-10. 10 being highest 8. There was some leftover frosting. I ate the leftover frosting like I used to when I was a kid and scoop it out with my finger. it brought me back to 4th grade lunch! Chased it the Dunkaroos down with some Kool-aid. Squeez-its are out of production. :P

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