Saturday, July 9, 2011

Prism Fly

Former First Lady Mrs. Ford died in honor of her death kick back a stiff one and listen to "Raise Your Glass" the Warblers cover.

I was watching Angel’s Friends and the more I watch it the more it reminds me of Winx Club. (aside from the English voice actors)

Bloom and Raf’s color is a shade of blue. Although some claim that Bloom’s is teal. They come from a “mysterious” origin. Bloom’s was the destruction of Sparx/Domino . Raf’s was having an angel mother and a mortal father. Both of them have some problem why they can’t reach another advanced form. They “force” it to happen.

Prism Fly is that every angel and devil has a chromatic essence. On the angels Prism Fly looks mysteriously similar to Enchantix. Urie’s wings look more like Belelivix. Although the female devils get very elegant outfits which don’t seem very devilish at all. They look like something in between Disenchantix and Enchantix. The male devils outfits just look like fancy casual clothes. They are not sparkly. Why was Cabiria's color blue?

I’d buy a set of official DVDs of Angel's Friends (English dub or sub) for a reasonable price.

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