Thursday, July 14, 2011

Free Hat

With the new dub of Winx club which I caught some clips of it on youtube watching it reminded me of the South Park episode "Free Hat". Where the directors kept changing movies. I heard that Rainbow changed the animation because it looked out dated. It looks weird now especially if somebody has watched the old episodes. I did they really need to re-do Stella's wand and their outfits? That's like totally defacing the cartoon! I feel like the South Park kids in "Free Hat".

For the voices I know some of them are voiced by teenagers.

The voices:
Bloom: I kinda like it
Stella: not boastful enough sound too meek for Stella, sounds like a kid
Flora: needs some improvement it's lacking something
Tecna: too bland kinda sounds like the old Bloom
Musa: I kinda like it
Icy: sounds like a little kid doesn't sound arrogant enough
Darcy: (see Icy)
Stormy: not bad

I know some people are happy it got out of 4kids hands, but the hands it went into might be just as bad. I think it's funny that a bunch of teenagers are complaining about the new version and how their childhood is ruined. I would not be in this group since I first saw Winx Club when I was 20. I guess the old "bad" version makes them nostalgic? I miss the boastful Stella voice. When I use to play Fashion Polly and Magical Minis Winx with my cousin I would use that boastful Stella voice. It would annoy my mom. I'd also use the word "couture" a lot. @.@

I have a great idea for another Winx Club themed parody song. My "Umbrella" song didn't work out. This time I'm gonna use a punk song.


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