Monday, June 27, 2011

Ungrateful Wretch

I'm an ungrateful wretch because I'm not appreciating Nickelodeon's version of the Winx Club. All the voices were changed. Well at least they are calling "Layla" "Aisha" again. I haven't heard the voices yet...

It made me think about when Cloverway took over dubbing for Sailor Moon. At least they kept some of the VAs like Jupiter and Mars. Their voice for Rini was way better than the Dic one. The Dic Rini voice sounded really weird, so weird I could impersonate it. The person who voiced Cloverway Rini went on to voice Kara in Di-Gata Defenders

The one thing I really hope even if the voice actors are different is that there will be more dolls released in the US. The same size and maker. 10 inch Mattel dolls, so I can buy more clothes for my Stella doll.

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