Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Opposite

I don't like to say about things because I usually get really bad advice about it. When I found out it's the law in California to have a food handler card to get any job in the food industry. I want to hurt my chances for getting a job even more.

I knew if I told my parents I was thinking about getting one. With my own money. They would tell me not to do it.

I'm sticking with the opposite of things. I figure if what I mostly do is wrong and unsuccessful, then if I do the opposite it will be more successful. I did get the idea from the fictional character George Louis Costanza. I'm not doing the opposite of everything I do. Just some/most things.

My dad is so dumb he thinks I can get an office job because I type faster than him. Of course I type faster than him. He has piss poor typing skills. My typing skills are not good enough to get office jobs. It's like driving I make my dad look like a good driver because I'm a piss poor driver.

I could go for a bottle of Basketball Juice. "It has a pickle inside!".

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