Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Take a Giant Leap

I'm very saddened by the death of Monkee Davy Jones. He was probably my favorite member. :'(
This is very strange about last week I had a dream that Michael Nesmith died. I was a little off. Wrong member. Maybe I'm sort of good at predicting celebrity deaths. I did for Whitney Houston.

Antenna tv will be showing a Monkees marathon on Saturday and Sunday; March 3rd and 4th including the movie Head. I like in the show how he would always say "You must be joking!" I've been listening to Monkees songs all day.

I will cry and eat some candy, and not just because it's Leap Day.

Happy birthday Jenny and Pochacco! Although I don't understand how he is born on a leap year in 1989. Pochacco was cool to like in the early 90s. He was popular with boys and girls. Especially tomboys. He usually had sporty themes and designs. I gathered up a small collection of Pochacco items in the 90s. I don't know why he has fallen out of favor. His merchandise is hard to find now.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Alter Job Ego

I got the same assignment again! Well except I have to look for more jobs than last time. 40 this time, and I have to do it for like 5 months. 5 FUCKING MONTHS! That means the 142 jobs plus the 40 per month for 5 months equal 342 fucking jobs!

More scared employees. More snobby workers. More everything! I'm goin' insane! I'm not gonna lie! Maybe my alter ego needs to come out. And not the job searching one either.

I'm not doing anything tomorrow it's a holiday! Leap Day!

I'm just going to cry and eat some candy and not because tomorrow is Leap Day. (cause I'm stuck with a crappy assignment)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Leap Day William

The 30 Rock episode Leap Day introduced me to a lot of new things.

There were a lot of Leap Day traditions I took from the 1996 Frasier episode "Look Before you Leap". Things like singing "Buttons and Bows". I that watched 16 years ago.

But I learned some new traditions like wearing yellow and blue. (that reminded me St. Patrick's Day) Carols and a movie marathon (like Christmas) Candy for kids (Halloween) A holiday mascot (various holidays).

All the people wearing yellow and blue made it look like they went to one of my old ementary schools or maybe UCLA Bruins fans.

Cloud this be the new Festivus? I would only celebrate Leap Day every 4 years anyway.

Hey NBC are you reading this?

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Two Job Noobs

So I went to another place to get another one done for my assignment. When I get there I just start talking to some random people. I ask them about the job. They tell me they are not affiliated with that job. I felt like such job noob! Anyway I did find the right person and got an application. Good thing I did because a little while after the guy ran out of applications.

I know it's not really for me to say, but shouldn't employers know that a lot of people and I mean a lot or a copious of applicants. And make more than enough copies of a job application rather than just asking for somebody's phone number and/or email address.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Faker than Fake

I feel like Liz in the most recent episode of 30 Rock. "The Tuxedo Begins"

This job hunt is going bad. First off the people are mad because I ask for their name unless I read it off a name tag or something. Somebody gave me a fake name! I'm only doing it for that stupid assignment if I wasn't required to I wouldn't do it. (When I do that it is not mandated by the government I never ask for names)

Do I look that crazy, threatening or weird? I wasn't even wearing improperly secured odangos. (that is my "deranged" hairstyle which happened by accident)

I didn't notice that I had grey in my hair due to a hair product I use. If I use too much dry shampoo it looks like I have grey streaks. I stopped caring; plus I am old and it blends in with my mouth wrinkles. (yes I'm that old!)

I do not look like a villain from Batman. Although I wish I had Harley's body shape. Maybe I should just go around in red and black clothes, wear pigtails and talk with Brooklyn accent. I forgot the white face paint! I think I could pass for a deranged tourist or something. Maybe I'll dress as a Sailor Moon villain instead.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Vaguest of the Vague/I Have Nothing

The first half of this blog is about job searches online. The second and edited half is about Whitney Houston.

Job searches can be so boring online. I
usually find myself doing something else like reading up on my fave celebs or something like that.

One of my favorite things to do is troll. I don't troll on message boards; I think that is annoying. I like to troll job sites and CL. I mean who do these people think they are!? Like the people who only want good looking people to work for them, the people who want free work and it's not a volunteer job, and the really vague ads like this.

"$$$$$$Want to earn MONEY??????!!!!!!$$$$$$

email me a message and I'll tell you how".

Uh...ok? *shrugs*

I like to reply to those with really strange and vague things. Hey, they started the vagueness first!

Ok, this is weird! This morning I was up online looking for this anti-smoking PSA that they use to show in California, and it had Paul Schrier in it AKA Bulk from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. (still haven't found that one)

Anyway I found this D.a.r.e. PSA. I thought about the future irony of it. Now it seems trivial, but wasn't at the time. I gotta cover my ass here.

My favorite songs are "I Have Nothing" and cover of "I'm Every Woman" which Oprah used as her theme song. "I Have Nothing" is such a hard song to sing. I hate when people sing it on talent programs, and just ruin it. I have it a feeling it will be sung a lot now.

Anyway then I started thinking about the Maya Rudolph impersonation and that scene from Martin where he going to sell shirts at a Whitney Houston concert.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Both Reeking of Desperation

It's the worst time to be mandated by the government to be out going around looking for jobs. The holiday season just ended, and summer hasn't started.

I thought I'd kill 9 birds with one stone, and go to the mall. There are a lot of places to potentially work at in one place. (I had gone to one place earlier in the week)

Here are some tips when you know a place is hurting: The store is pretty empty one associate/worker and hardly any items in it, the worker inside it reeks of desperation (ex: you are walking by the store and they are ready to pounce on you), the store looks like it is closing.

Let's see one place I went to they were so desperate they were giving some gross looking food samples. Here is something that bothers me why is it when people give samples of food they don't ask if you want some kind of sauce with it. They just assume and ruin the sample by putting sauce on it. I pass it by. They look confused, but I didn't ask for sauce. I'm not including pre-sauced items like a piece of chicken with glaze already on it.

I kept going into the Forever XXI. Not because I was interested in items. Ok a little, but only because I was looking for the new Glee items that were mentioned on Twitter. They were not in stock. I just kept going through there because it leads to an exit, and it was near the restaurants I was trying to apply to. I gotta look for food jobs.

When I was walking to the bus stop I noticed there was a carnival being setup in the parking lot. There was a very interesting fish painted on the merry-go-round. It made me think of Mr. Burns and CM Punk. It took me a few tries to get a good picture of it with my phone. This was the best one.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Spanish or Mandrarin?

I felt Glee was heavy handed in it's message. It's slowly creeping into season 2. People will only be speaking Spanish? What about Mandarin? At least Sugar got a scene in the episode. How did Will get a Spanish teacher job did he study with Senior Chang from Community? That confused me. And does Sue even teach anything? Besides the coach as the Cheerios?

No Selena or Shelia E. or Reggaton!?

Raising Hope was funny when Burt had all his finical papers all over the floor. It reminds me of my dad when he is doing any finical paperwork. Boy am I glad I'm an independent for the student aid now. Now I don't have to deal with my dad doing something like that.

Plus the dad made them leave so he could concentrate my dad always does that! It's funny when he does stuff like that now and I voluntary leave. What!? (You put that in my head dad :P)

I calculated how many jobs I had to look for It's 142!

10 the first time
120 the second time
30 this time

Hello!? there are none!

I also wouldn't be so pissed, but my piece of junk printer broke again! I'm letting my dad deal with it since he is "the smart one" XD and he knows so much about computers!

He wanted to do stuff at the library! I'm not putting my precious and untainted drive in some crappy ass virus riddled computer at the library. The library is no good anyway; you only get 1 hour to do something. There are computer vultures who hover and swoop them even when it is not their turn! Anyway that is not enough time to fill out an online application anyway. You have to spend at least an hour doing those evaluation tests.

This is just like the last time when they wanted me to do 10 jobs with printouts and my internet decided to act stupid and cut off like every 10 minutes. Try finishing a job application online while that is happening and not get mad!?

Also because the printer broke and it's an all in one and I can't find the old scanner and I really wanted to enter some drawing contests. I love you broken printer!

I just want to get this stupid assignment over with I don't even care about the trickery anymore. I don't care if every single place I went to threw away the applications themselves out of fear. As long as it was done!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Give the Middle Finger!

My dad is still pissed about the sign spinner job. I did work for free for 15 minutes. I think I didn't get the job because I sucked at it. I think I need more practice, and my own props. It's hard to do sign tricks in a Statue of Liberty gown. Maybe I need to do what I see the lazy sign spinners doing they get some kind of stick like a broom or a crutch then they tie the sign to that and wiggle the sick. Plus he's doing that thing again where he thinks because I'm good at something I can get a job doing it. Hello!? Really!? I have no experience or degree. I only want to finish school to shut you up!

I got a new assignment I have to go around and beg for jobs at physical places and document it. So degrading and hard! Don't the social workers realize a lot of these people don't have cars? Plus they give you worthless tokens. They are only good for the metro!

Which made me think about McDonald's what if all the employes are scared and want to save their asses and trick me? I feel this is not an isolated incident. And I got a lot of conflicting information. Some people told me that a lot of places "accept" applications, but they don't do anything with them because they don't need anybody and the time and then just throw them out. So what would be the point of wasting your time going to some place filling out an application and they just throw it away because they are constantly accepting them? Or maybe it is a high turnover rate?

M.I.A. you are a smarty. You are great!

Speaking of halftime shows I have some good proposed parings for next year.
Weird Al and Katy Perry a California boy and a California Gurl.
Ted Nugent and Eminen
Give No Doubt a whole show last time they were on they shared it with Shania Twain.
Lana Del Ray and the Monkees old and new
Justin Beber and Barenaked Ladies
Maroon 5

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

People all Over the World

I'm sad that Don Cornelius died. I think some people confuse him with the Rudolph character Yukon Cornelius. :P

Seriously what was all the hype about Leslie Carter? I've never heard of her. I had to Google her. Was she famous? As famous as Cornelius?

Love Peace and Soul!