Monday, February 6, 2012

Give the Middle Finger!

My dad is still pissed about the sign spinner job. I did work for free for 15 minutes. I think I didn't get the job because I sucked at it. I think I need more practice, and my own props. It's hard to do sign tricks in a Statue of Liberty gown. Maybe I need to do what I see the lazy sign spinners doing they get some kind of stick like a broom or a crutch then they tie the sign to that and wiggle the sick. Plus he's doing that thing again where he thinks because I'm good at something I can get a job doing it. Hello!? Really!? I have no experience or degree. I only want to finish school to shut you up!

I got a new assignment I have to go around and beg for jobs at physical places and document it. So degrading and hard! Don't the social workers realize a lot of these people don't have cars? Plus they give you worthless tokens. They are only good for the metro!

Which made me think about McDonald's what if all the employes are scared and want to save their asses and trick me? I feel this is not an isolated incident. And I got a lot of conflicting information. Some people told me that a lot of places "accept" applications, but they don't do anything with them because they don't need anybody and the time and then just throw them out. So what would be the point of wasting your time going to some place filling out an application and they just throw it away because they are constantly accepting them? Or maybe it is a high turnover rate?

M.I.A. you are a smarty. You are great!

Speaking of halftime shows I have some good proposed parings for next year.
Weird Al and Katy Perry a California boy and a California Gurl.
Ted Nugent and Eminen
Give No Doubt a whole show last time they were on they shared it with Shania Twain.
Lana Del Ray and the Monkees old and new
Justin Beber and Barenaked Ladies
Maroon 5

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