Friday, February 10, 2012

Both Reeking of Desperation

It's the worst time to be mandated by the government to be out going around looking for jobs. The holiday season just ended, and summer hasn't started.

I thought I'd kill 9 birds with one stone, and go to the mall. There are a lot of places to potentially work at in one place. (I had gone to one place earlier in the week)

Here are some tips when you know a place is hurting: The store is pretty empty one associate/worker and hardly any items in it, the worker inside it reeks of desperation (ex: you are walking by the store and they are ready to pounce on you), the store looks like it is closing.

Let's see one place I went to they were so desperate they were giving some gross looking food samples. Here is something that bothers me why is it when people give samples of food they don't ask if you want some kind of sauce with it. They just assume and ruin the sample by putting sauce on it. I pass it by. They look confused, but I didn't ask for sauce. I'm not including pre-sauced items like a piece of chicken with glaze already on it.

I kept going into the Forever XXI. Not because I was interested in items. Ok a little, but only because I was looking for the new Glee items that were mentioned on Twitter. They were not in stock. I just kept going through there because it leads to an exit, and it was near the restaurants I was trying to apply to. I gotta look for food jobs.

When I was walking to the bus stop I noticed there was a carnival being setup in the parking lot. There was a very interesting fish painted on the merry-go-round. It made me think of Mr. Burns and CM Punk. It took me a few tries to get a good picture of it with my phone. This was the best one.

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