Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Spanish or Mandrarin?

I felt Glee was heavy handed in it's message. It's slowly creeping into season 2. People will only be speaking Spanish? What about Mandarin? At least Sugar got a scene in the episode. How did Will get a Spanish teacher job did he study with Senior Chang from Community? That confused me. And does Sue even teach anything? Besides the coach as the Cheerios?

No Selena or Shelia E. or Reggaton!?

Raising Hope was funny when Burt had all his finical papers all over the floor. It reminds me of my dad when he is doing any finical paperwork. Boy am I glad I'm an independent for the student aid now. Now I don't have to deal with my dad doing something like that.

Plus the dad made them leave so he could concentrate my dad always does that! It's funny when he does stuff like that now and I voluntary leave. What!? (You put that in my head dad :P)

I calculated how many jobs I had to look for It's 142!

10 the first time
120 the second time
30 this time

Hello!? there are none!

I also wouldn't be so pissed, but my piece of junk printer broke again! I'm letting my dad deal with it since he is "the smart one" XD and he knows so much about computers!

He wanted to do stuff at the library! I'm not putting my precious and untainted drive in some crappy ass virus riddled computer at the library. The library is no good anyway; you only get 1 hour to do something. There are computer vultures who hover and swoop them even when it is not their turn! Anyway that is not enough time to fill out an online application anyway. You have to spend at least an hour doing those evaluation tests.

This is just like the last time when they wanted me to do 10 jobs with printouts and my internet decided to act stupid and cut off like every 10 minutes. Try finishing a job application online while that is happening and not get mad!?

Also because the printer broke and it's an all in one and I can't find the old scanner and I really wanted to enter some drawing contests. I love you broken printer!

I just want to get this stupid assignment over with I don't even care about the trickery anymore. I don't care if every single place I went to threw away the applications themselves out of fear. As long as it was done!

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