Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Vaguest of the Vague/I Have Nothing

The first half of this blog is about job searches online. The second and edited half is about Whitney Houston.

Job searches can be so boring online. I
usually find myself doing something else like reading up on my fave celebs or something like that.

One of my favorite things to do is troll. I don't troll on message boards; I think that is annoying. I like to troll job sites and CL. I mean who do these people think they are!? Like the people who only want good looking people to work for them, the people who want free work and it's not a volunteer job, and the really vague ads like this.

"$$$$$$Want to earn MONEY??????!!!!!!$$$$$$

email me a message and I'll tell you how".

Uh...ok? *shrugs*

I like to reply to those with really strange and vague things. Hey, they started the vagueness first!

Ok, this is weird! This morning I was up online looking for this anti-smoking PSA that they use to show in California, and it had Paul Schrier in it AKA Bulk from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. (still haven't found that one)

Anyway I found this D.a.r.e. PSA. I thought about the future irony of it. Now it seems trivial, but wasn't at the time. I gotta cover my ass here.

My favorite songs are "I Have Nothing" and cover of "I'm Every Woman" which Oprah used as her theme song. "I Have Nothing" is such a hard song to sing. I hate when people sing it on talent programs, and just ruin it. I have it a feeling it will be sung a lot now.

Anyway then I started thinking about the Maya Rudolph impersonation and that scene from Martin where he going to sell shirts at a Whitney Houston concert.

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