Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I'm still working on my Halloween costume. I sort of committed to the idea. I still haven't bought anything. That was the whole reason for coming up with it was because I wanted to buy minimal items and use stuff I just had "laying around". I hoped that I would have something more planned out, and put together.

You know what costume my mom suggested to me this year? Ears!? (she means animal ears on a headband) She suggested that last year. I would wear them except there is one problem. I have nothing that goes with them. Even if she did think my costume idea was dumb I got enough time to change it. It might have been outright arbitrary. If I want to. It's better than ears. I guess I can be a witch again. I'm sick of being a witch. I've been one way too many times. I've lost count.

Maybe I'm just not thinking out of the box. Or perhaps I'm thinking too much?

Monday, August 30, 2010

Winx Undies?

I was at the store looking for some gloves for my Halloween costume. They didn't have any, but I did spot this interesting item. Flora panties?! I'm not sure who they are for I mean for a kid or a teen. That store sells teen and women's clothes. From what I can tell they are bootleg. I didn't see any licensing marks. It looks like an iron on. There were other pairs with different (non Winx) designs on them. In case you are wondering I did not buy them.

Here is another bootleg item I spotted and bought. These pencils. There were some other pencils I didn't buy that were bootleg Bugs Bunny. He was colored blue so he looked like a mix of Bugs and Buster. I got a bootleg
Hello Kitty one and a rabbit one.

I got a new video today and found one of my long lost cartoons! Victory! I wrote about looking for those cartoons a while ago. I found the 3 Little Pigs cartoon I was looking for. Too bad I couldn't find the 2 Spoiled Bears cartoon. :( I might post screen caps soon. I haven't decided yet.

I tried some violet flavored gum. I didn't really like it. To me it tasted like soap.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Emmys were pretty good this year. I ended up watching most of it. I'm just a big tv nerd. I loved the Glee-inspired opening. Especially since it was pissing off my dad who wanted to watch preseason football. Jimmy Fallon was a good host. Too bad Conan didn't win. We can't get all cynical here. Conan would disapprove. "Dear internet," J/K :P

I also liked that they repeated it in the Pacific time zone.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Ungrateful and Stupid

For the past few days I've been thinking about a lot. I had a really silly idea that looked good on paper. My idea was do get celebrities who complain about how the common people don't help out enough in other countries to sponsor common people who want to go and help. After I really thought about it there would be a lot of hurdles. I chalked it up as a bad idea.

I used to be a big fan of Letterman. I really respected and admired the guy. I had been a fan since 1995. It seems lately that all he ever seems to talk about is how disgusted he is with food competition shows. He seems so out of touch and angry, and I don't just mean about Leno. You can argue that I'm out of touch too, but I don't have my own tv show.

I was going to write an open letter to Letterman at first, but then I realized I haven't done that in a while and was quite rusty. This blog post will have to suffice.

Who knows maybe somebody at Pants will read this. The internet is awfully cluttered these days.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Today is Shirley Manson's birthday! ^-^ I didn't do anything much this year like eat some Ferrero Rocher candy or birthday cake. I did listen to some Garbage and Angelfish songs, and I left her a birthday message on facebook. I'm off to watch some Garbage videos.

She wrote a response thank you note. I liked this part.
"I hope I am lucky enough to enjoy at least another 44 birthdays.If however I never live to see another.......... for who know what the next year will bring(?!)"

Another 44!? That would be 88. To me that would be pretty old. I hope I didn't offend any octogenarians reading this blog.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Truth in Karma

After mulling around in my head what happened yesterday. I was thinking about all the "material" that happens to be in my blogs. I know this sounds malicious, but I kind of like that my dad is being bullied. He is just a big bully himself and he deserves it. I'm thinking about truthfulness, and the truth is I like that this is happening. It's karma bitch! Usually I'm against bullying, but my dad's not all that innocent.

I was thinking about the truth since Shirley mentioned it in a note. Then I thought about people who "can't handle the truth". LOL! I had to throw that in there. Of course R. Truth "What's Up?"

This is actually my second blog. The first one I wrote was way too truthful and seemed really malicious.

I was going to talk about something else, but I forgot what it was since I got so wrapped up into writing this blog.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Silence into Fear

That title sounds like the title of a Miss Mallard episode or something.

My dad got worried because somebody from his school. I guess a fellow classmate said he knew all this stuff about my dad like where he use to live and stuff. This person also referenced me. I think my dad wanted me to shut down my facebook account.

For the record I'm not shutting anything down. I know I write about facebook, but I have never openly gave out the URL on here or anywhere else. I didn't really do it for safety reasons it was more about being pestered by people I went to high school with. Like I was on myspace. Twitter will still be open. My abandoned myspace will still be open. This blog will still be open.

If the person wants the real nitty gritty he should read the blog. Especially the rant blog. That's where all the "bad stuff" lies. The main blog is where I talk about inane things like Garbage music, cartoons I watch, food reviews, and things I get nostalgic for.

Actually my dad doesn't get that people can find stuff on people on the internet so easily. I know I did one time about myself and a few of my other family members for free. I could have seen more, but I had to pay $50. If he has been plastering his resume all over the job sites of course somebody can find it and reference it. Potential employer or otherwise. This is more of his problem than mine well he said the person mentioned me, but I'm not really worried.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Miscellaneous blog #36

I should hurry up and crank out a blog really quickly. It's hot and I'm feeling lethargic. I usually wear my hair in Shirley braids. I still can't figure out how to anchor the ponytail on my head as high as she use to.

I started thinking about how I've been in school for so many years and that I should try and write a book about it. There were lots of interesting characters along the way. But would anybody want to read it?

Speaking of school I guess everybody in my memoir class forgot to K.I.T. (keep in touch) with each other. I think classes already started. I wonder if the popular guy was well enough to return, and unwillingly get his cult started again. Don't drink that Flavor aid!

I'm not fretting about what I write Shirley for her birthday this year. Since I still haven't really planned anything. This year I'm keeping it short and simple. I'll let somebody else leave her a verbose birthday message on facebook.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Gingerbread Memories

Sorry for not posting a blog yesterday. After looking on youtube for those old Masters of the Universe hotline commercials. I saw a commercial for the old Santa's Village. The one in the San Bernardino mountains. It made me think about how good the cookies were there. They use to sell the best gingerbread cookies there. I have not had a cookie of equal or greater quality since. Sadly the village closed down in 1998.

Here are some pictures of the old park. You can also find various commercials for the park on youtube.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Lupin the 3rd Series 3 Halfway Point

Now that I have watched half of Lupin the 3rd Series 3 (pink coat). I have to say the episodes for me are either hit or miss. I still don't know if I can make a fair judgment on it. I don't hate it. It just doesn't seem as good as the 1st and 2nd series.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Calling He-Man

After I wrote my last blog I started thinking about She-ra. I mentioned her in my blog before. When I was a kid I wanted to dress as She-ra for Halloween only because my neighbor did. A nice costume too not one of those smock and mask deals. I probably wouldn't dress as She-ra now.

When you were a big Masters of the Universe fan what do you do? Collect all the toys? Collect all the merchandise? No! You call up He-man! I vividly remember this. I wanted the poster as a kid. There were 2 different numbers. One that ended in 1122 and one that ended in 2233. I wasn't able to dupe my dad into letting me call this one although he did let me call the Care Bears.

I was only thinking about this since I heard that Masters of the Universe, along with She-ra. Are going to be shown on Qubo. They are also showing Ghostbusters; not the one with Slimer, and Bravestarr. Too bad they can't show the old Filmation Tom and Jerry cartoons.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Make a Call on the Hotline While eating a Lunchable

I'm still thinking about that list. I didn't even know what a "hotline" (#35) is my mom had to explain that. To me a "hotline" is something thought up by shady business people, and is a number you call when you want to talk to Santa or Paula Abdul.

I still don't get the prom dress one. Was it because prom dresses only came in pastels? (#13) You know my mom broke the rules in the 70s and wore a peach colored dress to a Christmas dance. Back when they called them that.

We will remember Madden as a commentator and video games presence, but not as a coach.

I was around for the introduction of the following foodstuffs. Handi-snacks, Teddy Grahams, and Lunchables. I think they all came out in the late 80s. I remember taking in a quiz in a magazine. It was supposed to date me by what I ate. But none of the Teddy Grahams based answers applied to me. When I first tried them; I didn't eat them as a parent, I didn't eat them in my first new car, I didn't eat them in high school, and I didn't eat them in single serve snack pack. I remember the introduction commercial well. I ate them while I was watching Finders Keepers. I remember when the Lunchables only had 3 items in them; the meat, cheese, and crackers. They only came in 3 varieties: baloney, butter crackers, and American cheese; ham, Swiss cheese, and butter crackers; turkey, cheddar cheese, and wheat crackers. They also came with a small napkin and a packet of Grey Poupon.

I never saw USA Cartoon Express, so I should just go in a hole and die now.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I've got to keep Myself Together

Sorry about being late with the blogs. I've been a little behind.

Happy Chinese Valentines Day! I think I will start celebrating this holiday instead of the western one. I hate the western one! Street vendors, teddy bears, cheap candy, flowers and balloons. The Chinese holiday focuses on making art.

Did you hear about what college freshman don't know about? I'm not mad or anything. A lot of older people are mad at people around my age who don't really remember the Cold War, Twana Brawley, the Challenger crash or the Gulf War (1991). If these kids were born circa 1992 there is not much I remember back then from world events. I was 7. The thing about not knowing how to write in cursive. I've heard that some people that are my age or close to it find writing in cursive irrelevant. I remember the cursive debate was brought up on a local news show years ago which John Cena happened to be the guest on (yes, he can write in cursive). I should know I saw him sign autographs in cursive, and he wrote a message in cursive on the program. He wrote "Today is Friday the 13th!". Look I found my respective list. I disagree with a lot of that. Who did they talk to? Certainly not me! I've never grown up "normal" or had the luxuries most people my age grew up with.

My dad's been really cranky and in criticize mode. I just wanna be invisible for the rest of the month and then get invisible for October. I still think my dad is trying to trick me. I might sound paranoid about this, but it's complicated. I've been so distracted this month I haven't even prepared a birthday message for Shirley on her facebook. I'd better get to writing one. I think this year I'll go with simple. Last year I wrote her a long message. It was like a paragraph.

My dad still doesn't get it about enhanced CDs. It would be more of a bother just trying to explain it to him. I said it might not be compatible or the website is gone. He thinks it has something to do with (disk) burners. He went back to get more tech support, and he was told that the website doesn't exist! LOL! XD

Monday, August 16, 2010

Shame on me Again

My dad was trying to get me to go to the Best Buy to explain a computer problem for him. He was going there for something else. He has this Enhanced CD or DVD (He's not specific on what it is. Like he knows! XD) that won't work in the drive. The drive is not broken because I can play my DVDs both home spun and professionally recorded. The DVD he has been trying to play says that if he goes to some website he can watch extra footage or something. But when we went to the site back in February of this year whatever was suppose to be there wasn't there anymore. Or at least I couldn't find it, and I tried.

He tried to trick me into going. Since him trying to explain something is incredibly humorous. He always tries to throw some hidden thing in there. Some tech question I can't answer willingly or unwillingly. Due to my lack of knowledge or incompetence. I didn't want it to be February all over again. I'm smarter than that. He went on his diatribe about how he got scammed into buying a computer and sold a printer he didn't need. Even though it was Canon's fault for not making a compatible program with the printer we had and Windows 7. That was nobody's fault but the company. Not mine or any of the workers at the store.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Why Can't You!?

I have mentioned before that I can be embarrassed or humiliated into doing things. Anyway this is one that usually works on me to some degree. The "Person X can do this so why can't you!?" statement. My dad and various educators have used this on me all the time. It can be taken to the extreme and absurd. Like "Bears hibernate during the winter so why can't you!?"

I had a funny idea about driving too bad it can't be like the way my dad gets tech support. I'd drive a car with another person in it (who can drive), and then when something is too hard for me to do. I just scream at the person to do the thing for me.

I had this really strange dream about (domestic) cats. They were really strong and really smart. They kept trying to get me.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Lucky or Unlucky?

Today is Friday the 13th. I totally forgot about it until my dad reminded me. Nothing really happened today lucky or unlucky. It was a pretty tame Friday the 13th for me. I wonder when the next one is happening?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Going Wild Episode List

I really like the anime Going Wild (English dub title). There is not a lot of info on the series not even on the Japanese version called Pata Pota Monta. I have no idea what that title means.

I've complied an episode list. There might be a few episodes missing. The channel I watch it on does not show all the episodes. Maybe if i have more time I'll compile an episode guide.

1. Carefree island/Dr. Sparks and the Mysterious seed
2. My sweet cell phone/The Chief of Idle Village
3. Flora’s Flower Garden/ Master Tiger’s Secret
4. Go home Hermit Scape Goat/Goodbye Idle Village
5. Forgotten Treasure/ Our Secret Hideaway
6. The Artist of Idle Village/ The Haunted Manson in Idle Village
7. Monkichi’s Hammer/Summer camp Here we come
8. The Mystery Fruit/ Torogoro in Trouble
9. Their Little Adventure/Miss Lily
10. The Runaway Alarm Clock/ The Truth about Chuzo
11. Run Congo Run/Misty’s Portrait
12. The Search for the Shining Fish/ The Shining fish Revealed
13. I can’t stand sola/the great bicycle race
14. Don’t worry Zoshiro/ the winter festival
15. Mrs. Tigers Knitting class/ The attack of the tomatoes
16. Fixing problems/ Double Misty
17. The Trouble with Hide and Seek/The Door to Adulthood
18. Tigersan Runs away/ Stranger from the South
19. No Fair Misty/ Alaok’s Blue Stone
20. The Weight of Being Kind/ Everyone Knows
21. Water Come Home/ Smooth Skating
22. Sola Goes Missing/ Our String Telephone
23. Tigersan in a Panic/ Snowball Tournament
24. Koko and Daisy/ The Meaning of Loneliness
25. Tigersan goes to the city/ Home Sweet Home

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

That is not Packaging

Here is another lazy memoir. There is a political reference to Clinton in this one.

My eighth grade graduation was a strange one. I already mentioned I felt underdressed, and about what some of the other girls were wearing.

At home before the graduation my dad bought a disposable camera. After he opened it he thought the cardboard around it was some type of packaging. The camera was not unusable, but we did have to tape it up.

When my family got to the ceremony at school this annoying girl wanted me to take a picture of her. I think she did because she saw a camera (the taped up one) in my mom’s purse. She was trying to pose with me thinking somebody in my family was going to take a picture of her.

We had to wait in line around a corner. It was split into 2 parts A-L and M-Z. I was mingling with the M-Z people since that was my line. This is where I saw that girl with the dress I wanted. I was also talking to this guy whose sister liked Sailor Moon. He was more of a Dragonball fan.

The ceremony was really boring. To pass the time I was thinking about ska songs. There use to be this ska show on the radio late at night that I would listen to. I think I had a ska song stuck in my head. I was thinking about music to keep from being bored. Luckily we go to sit on folding chairs instead of the tiny dilapidated lunch benches. In my diary I referred to the ceremony as “boring and sad”. The vice principal talked too much. I got some awards and it was hard for me to get on stage because of my big platforms. The school pavement wasn’t very level. For the Presidents award the principal was reading a letter which was written by the president at the time; Clinton. As it was being read I was thinking about all those sexual jokes about him. This was in 1998 and during his scandal. This is the part when I saw that girl wearing those casual sandals with a fancy dress. Some guy comes by and stands by where her and I are sitting. When her name is called for her to go up the guy starts hollering and whooping. I thought this was really funny and sort of scary.

I remember being upset because I didn’t receive any balloons, flowers or stuffed animals.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Miscellaneous blog #35

I was still confused about the voices from the English dub for Angel's Friends so I sent an email to Veronica Taylor (She was the voice of Ash in the 4kids English Pokèmon dub) . She has an official page. I hope she replies, but I'm not holding my breath.

How crazy is the marketing for the movie Eat, Pray, Love? Like all the "inspired" jewelry. There is other stuff being sold like authentic items from Italy, India and Bali. If I were to reenact any scene from the movie/book it would be the part when Wayan receives the money, and I'm playing the part of Wayan. Or the petition scene.

Caught the Teen Choice Awards yesterday and felt really old. I was only watching for Cena's appearance. Cena doesn't look too bad in a suit. I'm so use to seeing him in jean shorts. I got to see Cory. I still wonder how long Fox will milk Glee? I give them about 3 more years. (Gleeks don't be mad at me I like this show as much as the next Gleek.) It makes me realize how out of touch I am with pop culture.

Since I've been stressed out this month I've been having really crazy dreams including one with a talking lab dog who bought saladitos.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Wet, Wild n' Woolies

Before you start assuming what this blog is about. It's about a segment I use to watch circa 1988 on KCOP (Los Angeles). I think it came on during The Comic Strip. I found these segments on a tape with some Street Frogs, Karate Kat, and Tom and Jerry cartoons. I was wondering if anybody out there knows if this segment was local or not? Look at it. It looks so 80s. The opening would start off as Woolie morphing into different looking strange animals.Here's what it was about Woolie the Woolie would narrate some type of nature footage. There was one about alligators, the everglades, and the desert among others. Here is the title card.

The tape mentioned is not for sale or trade

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Try to Bolt

My last blog was a bit off... August is a tough month for me. I'm back...sort of. I practiced driving some more. I'm still having problems I bolted out of a parking lot. (nothing happened though) I'm getting better little by little. I'm still having problems turning the wheel.

Just for fun I decided to look up my old driving school online just to see what people have written about it. There are no yelp reviews on it, but citysearch has some. There were 6 and 4 of them were positive. I think the positive reviews were written by paid employees. I still haven't checked yahoo local.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Bullyz Rule!

I hate when people say about being the bigger person. What a lie! That was obviously written by a bully. Like that sticks and stones phrase. That was obviously written by some verbal abuser.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Things That Were Around in 1986

I caught myself watching a dubbed (in Portuguese) version of the Metal Hero series Kyojuu Tokusou Juspion. It was kind of funny/strange. Too bad the station it was shown on is kind of weak and sometimes I don't get good reception.

The house I use to live in from '86-'92 got knocked down. The whole lot of 3 did. I didn't see it; my mom did. The houses were there just last month. I wonder if the blackberry bush was still there? The funny thing is that back in my memoir class we had to write a story about the first house we lived in. The class also had to draw a picture/map of their old neighborhood and include it with the story. I couldn't remember what the lot looked like exactly, so I cheated and used Google maps. I also found a picture online of a Toys R Us that looked like the one I lived across the street from. (Which is also not there anymore) I also cheated with that. I printed out a picture of the store, and affixed it to my drawing. Luckily we did not have to turn it in. It was poorly drawn and I was embarrassed by my work. I lived in a house prior to that from '84-'86, but I don't remember. The landlord had been saying he was going to knock down the houses since 1992. That's been 18 years. Back when I had a bad haircut. Wait I still do. I wonder if he still owns that property?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Free Sample!

I was thinking about my comedy album. Which right now is a long ways away. Some relatively unknown artists and bands give away whole albums for free. I was thinking about doing the same thing. But that is not really a good idea to give away a whole album for free. I was thinking about how Shirley released only one song. (This was before she posted the other one.) Funny I was thinking about that. If and when I do release my comedy album I'll just put an excerpt of it up for free.

I haven't really said anything about "Pretty Horses" I don't know what to think of it. Her voice sounds sultrily. It sounds blues-y and sort of reminds me of a Mary J. Blige song. I will say the same thing I said about "In The Snow" with this song and that is the song doesn't seem finished. I mean polished.

I've only listened to it a few times. I haven't even let it scrobble on my lastfm. I will soon.

Shirley releasing a new song is great, but that doesn't mean August will be a good month. The month is young and I have a gut felling something bad is going to go down. (Like last year) My intuition is going off like crazy. (This will be a personal thing)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Age Card

I hate when old people play the age card on me. It's like the race card. That kind of "you have to listen to me because I'm older and wiser than you". Look, there are dumb and smart older and younger people. Age doesn't always equal experience. I'm not trying to sound brash. People can get bad advice from anyone at any age.

My neighbor is nosy, annoying and boring. He acts like he can "citizen arrest" us for something. He thinks he knows everything. His conversations are just so BORING! *sigh*. I should get my neighbor to have a conversation with those boring people from my class. I'd love to see that. But not have myself get dragged into it, but I'd have them go in one of those observation rooms with a double mirror. It'd be snooze fest. -_- ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz....

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Driving and Doggie

I drove today! Well sort of. I was driving up and down the driveway. The driveway where I live is long. I was practicing in it. I had to make sure I stopped with enough space not to hit the Buick. Even if I"love tapped" it. That's a phrase from the People's Court.

There was this cute little dog who got into the yard. It looked puppyish. It was a light brown color with white marks. It almost went in the house. Eventually it went back to wherever it belonged. It must be a puppy. The yelping was bothering my dad of course. I have a feeling this is going to be a bad month. I can sense it.