Thursday, August 5, 2010

Things That Were Around in 1986

I caught myself watching a dubbed (in Portuguese) version of the Metal Hero series Kyojuu Tokusou Juspion. It was kind of funny/strange. Too bad the station it was shown on is kind of weak and sometimes I don't get good reception.

The house I use to live in from '86-'92 got knocked down. The whole lot of 3 did. I didn't see it; my mom did. The houses were there just last month. I wonder if the blackberry bush was still there? The funny thing is that back in my memoir class we had to write a story about the first house we lived in. The class also had to draw a picture/map of their old neighborhood and include it with the story. I couldn't remember what the lot looked like exactly, so I cheated and used Google maps. I also found a picture online of a Toys R Us that looked like the one I lived across the street from. (Which is also not there anymore) I also cheated with that. I printed out a picture of the store, and affixed it to my drawing. Luckily we did not have to turn it in. It was poorly drawn and I was embarrassed by my work. I lived in a house prior to that from '84-'86, but I don't remember. The landlord had been saying he was going to knock down the houses since 1992. That's been 18 years. Back when I had a bad haircut. Wait I still do. I wonder if he still owns that property?

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