Monday, August 16, 2010

Shame on me Again

My dad was trying to get me to go to the Best Buy to explain a computer problem for him. He was going there for something else. He has this Enhanced CD or DVD (He's not specific on what it is. Like he knows! XD) that won't work in the drive. The drive is not broken because I can play my DVDs both home spun and professionally recorded. The DVD he has been trying to play says that if he goes to some website he can watch extra footage or something. But when we went to the site back in February of this year whatever was suppose to be there wasn't there anymore. Or at least I couldn't find it, and I tried.

He tried to trick me into going. Since him trying to explain something is incredibly humorous. He always tries to throw some hidden thing in there. Some tech question I can't answer willingly or unwillingly. Due to my lack of knowledge or incompetence. I didn't want it to be February all over again. I'm smarter than that. He went on his diatribe about how he got scammed into buying a computer and sold a printer he didn't need. Even though it was Canon's fault for not making a compatible program with the printer we had and Windows 7. That was nobody's fault but the company. Not mine or any of the workers at the store.

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