Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Make a Call on the Hotline While eating a Lunchable

I'm still thinking about that list. I didn't even know what a "hotline" (#35) is my mom had to explain that. To me a "hotline" is something thought up by shady business people, and is a number you call when you want to talk to Santa or Paula Abdul.

I still don't get the prom dress one. Was it because prom dresses only came in pastels? (#13) You know my mom broke the rules in the 70s and wore a peach colored dress to a Christmas dance. Back when they called them that.

We will remember Madden as a commentator and video games presence, but not as a coach.

I was around for the introduction of the following foodstuffs. Handi-snacks, Teddy Grahams, and Lunchables. I think they all came out in the late 80s. I remember taking in a quiz in a magazine. It was supposed to date me by what I ate. But none of the Teddy Grahams based answers applied to me. When I first tried them; I didn't eat them as a parent, I didn't eat them in my first new car, I didn't eat them in high school, and I didn't eat them in single serve snack pack. I remember the introduction commercial well. I ate them while I was watching Finders Keepers. I remember when the Lunchables only had 3 items in them; the meat, cheese, and crackers. They only came in 3 varieties: baloney, butter crackers, and American cheese; ham, Swiss cheese, and butter crackers; turkey, cheddar cheese, and wheat crackers. They also came with a small napkin and a packet of Grey Poupon.

I never saw USA Cartoon Express, so I should just go in a hole and die now.

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