Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Silence into Fear

That title sounds like the title of a Miss Mallard episode or something.

My dad got worried because somebody from his school. I guess a fellow classmate said he knew all this stuff about my dad like where he use to live and stuff. This person also referenced me. I think my dad wanted me to shut down my facebook account.

For the record I'm not shutting anything down. I know I write about facebook, but I have never openly gave out the URL on here or anywhere else. I didn't really do it for safety reasons it was more about being pestered by people I went to high school with. Like I was on myspace. Twitter will still be open. My abandoned myspace will still be open. This blog will still be open.

If the person wants the real nitty gritty he should read the blog. Especially the rant blog. That's where all the "bad stuff" lies. The main blog is where I talk about inane things like Garbage music, cartoons I watch, food reviews, and things I get nostalgic for.

Actually my dad doesn't get that people can find stuff on people on the internet so easily. I know I did one time about myself and a few of my other family members for free. I could have seen more, but I had to pay $50. If he has been plastering his resume all over the job sites of course somebody can find it and reference it. Potential employer or otherwise. This is more of his problem than mine well he said the person mentioned me, but I'm not really worried.

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