Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I'm still working on my Halloween costume. I sort of committed to the idea. I still haven't bought anything. That was the whole reason for coming up with it was because I wanted to buy minimal items and use stuff I just had "laying around". I hoped that I would have something more planned out, and put together.

You know what costume my mom suggested to me this year? Ears!? (she means animal ears on a headband) She suggested that last year. I would wear them except there is one problem. I have nothing that goes with them. Even if she did think my costume idea was dumb I got enough time to change it. It might have been outright arbitrary. If I want to. It's better than ears. I guess I can be a witch again. I'm sick of being a witch. I've been one way too many times. I've lost count.

Maybe I'm just not thinking out of the box. Or perhaps I'm thinking too much?

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