Thursday, August 19, 2010

Calling He-Man

After I wrote my last blog I started thinking about She-ra. I mentioned her in my blog before. When I was a kid I wanted to dress as She-ra for Halloween only because my neighbor did. A nice costume too not one of those smock and mask deals. I probably wouldn't dress as She-ra now.

When you were a big Masters of the Universe fan what do you do? Collect all the toys? Collect all the merchandise? No! You call up He-man! I vividly remember this. I wanted the poster as a kid. There were 2 different numbers. One that ended in 1122 and one that ended in 2233. I wasn't able to dupe my dad into letting me call this one although he did let me call the Care Bears.

I was only thinking about this since I heard that Masters of the Universe, along with She-ra. Are going to be shown on Qubo. They are also showing Ghostbusters; not the one with Slimer, and Bravestarr. Too bad they can't show the old Filmation Tom and Jerry cartoons.

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