Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I've got to keep Myself Together

Sorry about being late with the blogs. I've been a little behind.

Happy Chinese Valentines Day! I think I will start celebrating this holiday instead of the western one. I hate the western one! Street vendors, teddy bears, cheap candy, flowers and balloons. The Chinese holiday focuses on making art.

Did you hear about what college freshman don't know about? I'm not mad or anything. A lot of older people are mad at people around my age who don't really remember the Cold War, Twana Brawley, the Challenger crash or the Gulf War (1991). If these kids were born circa 1992 there is not much I remember back then from world events. I was 7. The thing about not knowing how to write in cursive. I've heard that some people that are my age or close to it find writing in cursive irrelevant. I remember the cursive debate was brought up on a local news show years ago which John Cena happened to be the guest on (yes, he can write in cursive). I should know I saw him sign autographs in cursive, and he wrote a message in cursive on the program. He wrote "Today is Friday the 13th!". Look I found my respective list. I disagree with a lot of that. Who did they talk to? Certainly not me! I've never grown up "normal" or had the luxuries most people my age grew up with.

My dad's been really cranky and in criticize mode. I just wanna be invisible for the rest of the month and then get invisible for October. I still think my dad is trying to trick me. I might sound paranoid about this, but it's complicated. I've been so distracted this month I haven't even prepared a birthday message for Shirley on her facebook. I'd better get to writing one. I think this year I'll go with simple. Last year I wrote her a long message. It was like a paragraph.

My dad still doesn't get it about enhanced CDs. It would be more of a bother just trying to explain it to him. I said it might not be compatible or the website is gone. He thinks it has something to do with (disk) burners. He went back to get more tech support, and he was told that the website doesn't exist! LOL! XD

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