Thursday, August 12, 2010

Going Wild Episode List

I really like the anime Going Wild (English dub title). There is not a lot of info on the series not even on the Japanese version called Pata Pota Monta. I have no idea what that title means.

I've complied an episode list. There might be a few episodes missing. The channel I watch it on does not show all the episodes. Maybe if i have more time I'll compile an episode guide.

1. Carefree island/Dr. Sparks and the Mysterious seed
2. My sweet cell phone/The Chief of Idle Village
3. Flora’s Flower Garden/ Master Tiger’s Secret
4. Go home Hermit Scape Goat/Goodbye Idle Village
5. Forgotten Treasure/ Our Secret Hideaway
6. The Artist of Idle Village/ The Haunted Manson in Idle Village
7. Monkichi’s Hammer/Summer camp Here we come
8. The Mystery Fruit/ Torogoro in Trouble
9. Their Little Adventure/Miss Lily
10. The Runaway Alarm Clock/ The Truth about Chuzo
11. Run Congo Run/Misty’s Portrait
12. The Search for the Shining Fish/ The Shining fish Revealed
13. I can’t stand sola/the great bicycle race
14. Don’t worry Zoshiro/ the winter festival
15. Mrs. Tigers Knitting class/ The attack of the tomatoes
16. Fixing problems/ Double Misty
17. The Trouble with Hide and Seek/The Door to Adulthood
18. Tigersan Runs away/ Stranger from the South
19. No Fair Misty/ Alaok’s Blue Stone
20. The Weight of Being Kind/ Everyone Knows
21. Water Come Home/ Smooth Skating
22. Sola Goes Missing/ Our String Telephone
23. Tigersan in a Panic/ Snowball Tournament
24. Koko and Daisy/ The Meaning of Loneliness
25. Tigersan goes to the city/ Home Sweet Home

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