Monday, August 30, 2010

Winx Undies?

I was at the store looking for some gloves for my Halloween costume. They didn't have any, but I did spot this interesting item. Flora panties?! I'm not sure who they are for I mean for a kid or a teen. That store sells teen and women's clothes. From what I can tell they are bootleg. I didn't see any licensing marks. It looks like an iron on. There were other pairs with different (non Winx) designs on them. In case you are wondering I did not buy them.

Here is another bootleg item I spotted and bought. These pencils. There were some other pencils I didn't buy that were bootleg Bugs Bunny. He was colored blue so he looked like a mix of Bugs and Buster. I got a bootleg
Hello Kitty one and a rabbit one.

I got a new video today and found one of my long lost cartoons! Victory! I wrote about looking for those cartoons a while ago. I found the 3 Little Pigs cartoon I was looking for. Too bad I couldn't find the 2 Spoiled Bears cartoon. :( I might post screen caps soon. I haven't decided yet.

I tried some violet flavored gum. I didn't really like it. To me it tasted like soap.

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