Wednesday, August 11, 2010

That is not Packaging

Here is another lazy memoir. There is a political reference to Clinton in this one.

My eighth grade graduation was a strange one. I already mentioned I felt underdressed, and about what some of the other girls were wearing.

At home before the graduation my dad bought a disposable camera. After he opened it he thought the cardboard around it was some type of packaging. The camera was not unusable, but we did have to tape it up.

When my family got to the ceremony at school this annoying girl wanted me to take a picture of her. I think she did because she saw a camera (the taped up one) in my mom’s purse. She was trying to pose with me thinking somebody in my family was going to take a picture of her.

We had to wait in line around a corner. It was split into 2 parts A-L and M-Z. I was mingling with the M-Z people since that was my line. This is where I saw that girl with the dress I wanted. I was also talking to this guy whose sister liked Sailor Moon. He was more of a Dragonball fan.

The ceremony was really boring. To pass the time I was thinking about ska songs. There use to be this ska show on the radio late at night that I would listen to. I think I had a ska song stuck in my head. I was thinking about music to keep from being bored. Luckily we go to sit on folding chairs instead of the tiny dilapidated lunch benches. In my diary I referred to the ceremony as “boring and sad”. The vice principal talked too much. I got some awards and it was hard for me to get on stage because of my big platforms. The school pavement wasn’t very level. For the Presidents award the principal was reading a letter which was written by the president at the time; Clinton. As it was being read I was thinking about all those sexual jokes about him. This was in 1998 and during his scandal. This is the part when I saw that girl wearing those casual sandals with a fancy dress. Some guy comes by and stands by where her and I are sitting. When her name is called for her to go up the guy starts hollering and whooping. I thought this was really funny and sort of scary.

I remember being upset because I didn’t receive any balloons, flowers or stuffed animals.

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