Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Truth in Karma

After mulling around in my head what happened yesterday. I was thinking about all the "material" that happens to be in my blogs. I know this sounds malicious, but I kind of like that my dad is being bullied. He is just a big bully himself and he deserves it. I'm thinking about truthfulness, and the truth is I like that this is happening. It's karma bitch! Usually I'm against bullying, but my dad's not all that innocent.

I was thinking about the truth since Shirley mentioned it in a note. Then I thought about people who "can't handle the truth". LOL! I had to throw that in there. Of course R. Truth "What's Up?"

This is actually my second blog. The first one I wrote was way too truthful and seemed really malicious.

I was going to talk about something else, but I forgot what it was since I got so wrapped up into writing this blog.

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