Sunday, January 31, 2010

Personal Journey

Ok, ok I feel I need go on a personal journey. I don't mean that I need to go on a "mission" where I solicit religion to people at their door and might possibly get shot or be greeted by men who can't "keep the mouse in the house".

I thought about these lyrics from the Gwen Stefani song "What are you Waiting for?":
"Naturally, I'm worried if I do it alone
Who really cares, cause it's your life
You never know it could be great
Take a chance cause you might grow"

I need to do something out of character. I mean really out of character and not something like talking to a girl with cool hair or buying purple shoes.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sorry for the lack of blogs recently. I've been feeling a little under the weather; plus my tooth had been bothering me. I've also been feeling depressed, so depressed I didn't even feel like blogging.

I think I really need to do some soul searching. This is not a joke statement or a "pity party" blog.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lap Desk

Here is a review of the lap desk I received for my birthday. It is a useful item since I asked for one. I was sick of trying to balance a clip board on my lap for all these years. Plus I didn’t want a desk that was just flat on the bottom.

I like it; although the picture looks misleading. My desk seems wider. There is a drink holder, but it is really shallow. I think it’s a convenient place to store your pen caps. It has a grooved border for your pens and stuff, so they don’t roll off the desk. The surface of the desk scratches easily. The surface is not completely flat. It sort of has a diamond pattern. Do not try to shade or color on this thing unless you want a diamond pattern on your paper. The bottom is pillow like. By feeling it I think it’s filled with plastic bags and those Styrofoam beads; then there is the outer fabric cover.

Now that I have one and examined it; I want to make my own. Actually I was going to make my own after I saw a tv show about making one out of a cutting board, hot glue and a big pillow like a throw pillow. I was going to do this project when I found my hot glue gun. I still haven’t found it and it’s been over a year. I’m staring to get really pissed off. Maybe I should just break down and buy another one. Anyway my mom got mad at me and told me that was a stupid idea, and a waste of a cutting board. I found a better idea for making one. Instead of using a cutting board I’d use a clip board. It’s easier to work with and you can clip your papers to the desk while you are using them. Since my desk is filled with plastic bags and Styrofoam balls. I thought, “Why not make this a recycled craft and use those plastic shopping bags? I know people make pillows with those.” Then I remembered there was a tutorial for a pool pillow made out of old shopping bags. Sadly the website went down, and I cannot find an archive for it. I cannot find similar tutorials for it. Well I guess I could just wing it. I can even personalize it by using any kind of fabric I want.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Farwell Conan (again)

Dear Internet,

Actually I started writing this blog yesterday.

Here’s a good idea for what to do with the unused studio. Let me host a late night show there were I make parodies of old music videos. I’m thinking an All Saints video. Or maybe I can shoot old movie parodies where it’s just the back of my head. Nah, that would be a silly show. Nobody would watch it.

I have a good idea if NBC wants to make a little bit of profit off Conan after he left. Why not release his whole hosting stint of 7 months on DVD? There are a little less than 150 episodes. That could be like a I don’t know $200 set right there. Of course the Crazy Expensive Comedy Bits will have to be cut. Think that is the reason why Soul Train is not on DVD. Who knew I’d be mentioning Conan O’Brien and Soul Train in the same blog post?

Conan's last Tonight Show was great. The best thing was I got to watch it alone, and not pestered by my father. Ate some old Pocky I've had in the fridge for a while. Surprisingly it was still good!

The Crazy Expensive Comedy bit was ok, I thought it wasn't as funny as the first 2. I would have done something with a Disney property. I thought it was funny when he said people were complaining about them on the internet. Of course they were fake. Wasn't Mine That Bird in the LA area for a local promotion at the local race track?

When I heard he was going to be evaluated by an NBC employee. I thought it was going to be Leno you know a real tongue and cheek thing there. Steve Carell was funny. Was he conductiong the interveiw as Micheal Scott or as Steve Carell? That was a bit confusing.

The part about Tom Hanks and the cream soda was funny. Conan was making a confused face while he was drinking it. I guess I thought it was funny because I drank cream soda with dinner yesterday. I think cream soda looks like pale beer. Conan with the large side burns looked funny. He looked like he belonged with those old timey baseball people, or maybe like an old portrait from an American history book. I couldn't stop laughing.

When Conan showed his highlights montage, and it said "To Be Continued" did anybody else just want to write Conan fan fics?

It was great when he thanked the fans. That was really classy Conan. I don't know him personally or anything, but I think he's not all arrogant and stuff. He's never seemed to come off that way.

The "Freebird" part was good. I'm not a big fan of that song or anything, but Will Ferrell was singing it. I just knew he had to get out the cowbell!

Ok maybe I will take his advice, and not be so cynical. It's so hard. I have been since about 2001? Around there way before I got kicked out of college. Way back when he was still on Late Night, and graffiti style bags were popular. But I'm going to try not to be. It's going to be hard since my reunion is in 2 years. While you find yourself there next to the Georgina Sparks of your graduation year. Does this mean I can still be pessimistic? ;P

A lot of people saying Conan's cynicism quote was full of BS, but I don't know I wasn't reading that off him. If he was cynical of the whole thing he probably would have hosted his show in an angry tirade.

I liked the beginning of Jimmy's show when he was singing "It's So Hard to say Goodbye to Yesterday" Boyz II Men style in the Dr. Oz show studios. Too bad he didn't hit the high note. That is actually one of the notes I can hit in that song. I don't sing "It's So Hard to say Goodbye to Yesterday" anymore because I sing it horribly. You know my tape player ate my "II" tape. I should really get a copy of that on CD.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Conan's Deal

I'm going to blog about Conan again yeah I bet some of my readers are sick of it. Well if you are then just skip this blog today.

Now officially Conan and NBC have worked out their deal.

Here is a funny thought that popped into my head. I wonder what will happen to the set of his show? Maybe I'll be lucky enough to find it in a dumpster, and then set it up in the house somewhere. It could be like that Seinfeld episode The Merv Griffin Show. Where Kramer finds the set of the old Merv Griffin show in a dumpster, sets it up in his apartment, runs a show and books guests.

I also liked that Conan wasted money! You go out in a blaze of glory! I know I would.

You people disgust me! Those of you who are jumping on the Conan bandwagon. Where were you when he needed ratings! For shame! I'm waging my finger at you.

My dad said he wanted to watch Conan's last episode of the Tonight Show with me. I was like "No! No!" After the disastrous experience I had with my dad watching Conan's last episode of Late Night. He woke up and started watching it with me because he had a "headache". Due to his headache the tv was too "loud", so he rudely swiped the remote from me. He turned it down really low, and I could barely hear it. He bothered me through the whole show, and asked all these dumb questions. He was also bored with the heartfelt speech Conan gave at the end of the show. (my dad hates emotional stuff)

If he wants to try and relate to me by watching the show with me it's worse than just letting me watch the show by myself. Why can't you just pretend that I like (American) football?

Here's a picture of Conan I'm throwing in the blog just for good measure.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cheap inverted pictures

So I've been having a little fun with the "invert colors" function in MS Paint. I know it's dumb.

Here is a picture I inverted.

This is the original. Actually I think it looks better inverted.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Lethargic & Artsy

So it turns out that I was not able to register for classes today. I can, but in like 2 weeks. I hope I get something good. *crosses fingers*

Since it's going to be rainy all week I'm going to be and feel lethargic all week. I feel lethargic when it's hot and lethargic when it's cold.

I'm also feeling really artsy too.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Possible Future Endeavors for Conan

There are some rallies being held across the country to show support for Conan. The closest one to me is at Conan's soon to be former home base of Universal Studios California. I'd love to go, but we all know I'm not allowed to ride a bunch of buses into the city anymore. *rolls eyes* Anyway kudos to anyone who does go to any of them. It says to wear orange; I think it would be a good idea if you can find some of have some laying around is to use that colored hairspray in orange. Why not commit fully and use red dye? Let's make it look like class colors day back at my old high school!

Conan should get a grand or semi-grand sendoff like Krusty did. (Did he help write that episode?)

I have a few questions though some of which may go unanswered. What will happen to that wax Conan they made for an attraction at Universal? Will he get to keep that? Will it be for sale? Will it be shot out of a cannon?

I also wonder what will happen to the studio he used to tape the show at? Will Jay use it? Or will it just be a big waste of money?

According to this article NBC owns most or all of his bits. I even have some proposed new names "In the year 4000" and horny whale. Does this mean he can't do the string dance anymore?

Here is a random funny Conan related story. Back when I first started watching his show I use to imitate his dances. There was this one dance he use to do circa 1996 or 1997 where he would jump back and point to Andy. One day I was dancing like Conan, and I fell out of the open sliding glass door at my old house. I was always falling out of that door while I was dancing. I also fell out of it imitating a Gwen dance.

Since Conan'll be off tv soon I'll be having withdraws when he is gone. Just kidding! :P That doesn't mean I won't miss him. :(

Since Conan O'Brien is going to unemployed soon I have some ideas for some new ventures for him.

Team up with Shirley Manson and form a duo called "Too Red"
Host an informative DVD about the US presidents
Get a gig hosting a revived version of that late night 90s talk show Vibe
Go back as being a writer for The Simpsons
Host a show on a different channel; Conan's youtube channel
Open up profiles on social networking sites; to communicate with the fans
Be a cartoon voice
Host his own children's tv show
Works for Letterman as a writer
Write a book about this situation/his life
Be a character on Gossip Girl or Glee
Follow my blog; like Conan would read this *laughs hysterically*

Maybe we can go with a suggestion that Silent Beeker had about Conan going to the unemployment office. What about a skit where Conan and company are on like a dirt road holding up a sign that says "New York or Bust" and they are hitchhiking.

When I was younger; about 13 and first getting into late night tv. I wanted to have my own show. I seriously am not considering going into that venture. Jay might be hunting me down.

Remember, nobody says they want to get their late night talk show taken over somebody else in 7 months. Don't let Leno get in the way of your dreams.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Miscellaneous Blog #28

I can't wait until the month is over, so I can do a bunch of frivolous spending! I've started planning out some Halloween costumes, and I just need to buy a few items to complete them. I haven't made any preliminarily sketches yet.

Aside from working on a Halloween costume I'm very happy that I completed my first decoupage project. It might not be very good, but it's my first attempt. Maybe I'll post it on here. I haven't decided yet.

You know I told my mom the idea of recording a comedy album and she said it was a good idea. I can believe it! @o@

I think the whole Conan/Jay/NBC negotiations are over. Conan is gone! The rumor is that his staff is mad at him and supposedly "everybody hates Conan". Well you know they are all unemployed. Let's get on the recliner of rage. I'm as fired up as a charmander. Where is Pierre when you need him? Why was everybody saying Letterman is a bitter old man. Hello!? Pretty much the same thing happened to him. Do you research people! History repeats itself, and this was no exception. I will not watch Leno's monologues again! Even if Letterman in is repeats. It's not like I really liked Leno's monologues anyway. I thought they were pretty bland. I perfer Letterman's comedy styling anyway. I enjoy watching him guess pie flavors, throwing watermelons off a building, stupid human tricks, stupid pet tricks, and psychic sandwich. Well I do tend to like "lowbrow" comedy. Shut Up Baby Boomers! Ok, ok you're where the money is, but that still doesn't mean I'll be listening to classic rock and watching Leno *shudders* Remember don't be mean to natural redheads they have magic powers. Don't forget if you are a natural blond to wear opal. It keeps your hair blond.

I'll leave you with this last thought. Why are people more impressed when somebody does something easy well; than when somebody fails at something hard? I'm not talking about people who make extraordinary things look easy either.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Adolescent Monsoon

Does the phrase in the title look familiar to you? It's from the No Doubt song "Ache"that appeared on their self titled album. The song is about wisdom teeth. Eric Stefani was such a prolific lyricist.

The funny thing is that my baby cousin, and I are teething at the same time. Actually I thought I was not going to get wisdom teeth because a lot of people who are around my age don't get them anymore. I also started getting them at an old age. I thought I would get them when I was like 18 or around there.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Music Blog

Oops I accidentally posted a blank entry by hitting the "Enter" key. x.x

Here are 2 music related topics I'm going to throw all together in a catch all blog.

I'm saddened by the closing of Smart Studios. It's a pretty historic place to the Darkings. Aside from it being a historic place in Garbage history. It is also historic to other bands like Nirvana. Butch has a pretty impressive resume aside from his work with Garbage.

Too bad I didn't get to see it. Well you know I still haven't seen all the historic local No Doubt related places. It's not like I was going to Wisconsin anytime soon. Although I'd like to sample some cheese there.

I'm still working on my Beastie Boys parody song. It's called "Casserole" and is a parody of "Sabotage". I've only written the first 2 paragraphs though.


Don’t eat it, you don’t need it
You can’t relate to the food I make
Your insults are really mean
Cause my oven door really isn’t clean
If you don’t want it then say goodbye
Quicker than the omelet I fried
Not blackened or made of coal
I'm tellin' y'all it's a casserole

So, so, so, so listen up 'cause you can't taste nothin'
You act like I cooked something made of mutton
I’m feeling really withdrawn
Good thing I didn’t cook you a prawn. Spam!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

First Bank of Mattress

I was trying to come up with a good intro to this blog, but I couldn't really think of one that didn't used some "banned" words. I'll skip the verbose intro. This blog does have some political undertones though.

This story starts off in 2002 during the summer between graduating high school and my freshman year at CSUF. I could not find any reference to this story in my paper writings. My dad wants me to open a checking account. He just springs this on me on a Saturday morning. I was very upset because I just wanted to relax and watch the Mon Colle Knights. Mon Colle Knights is one of my favorite "Mon" anime aside from Pokémon. I could go on and on about Mon Colle Knights, but I can save that for another blog.

When we get to the bank there is a small tv in there on a table, and Mon Colle Knights is on. A group of about 5 little kids are fixated to the tv. He wanted me to use my driver's permit as an ID; even though it clearly says "not an ID" on it. My dad always thinks you can use things that can't be used for that they are. This is why I'm such a stickler about things. He's always misinterpreting things.

I can't believe the banker accepted it. That should have been a red flag right there! I did make an account.

There were a lot of problems with it. My dad was micromanaging it, it was a Citbank account, and I just wasn't happy with the whole situation in general. The funny thing was that my dad would constantly complain about having a Citbank account, and yet the only reason he changed it was because the former landlord lost his check. I eventually got rid of my account in 2004.

A few years later he wants me to make an account at WAMU. (when it was still around) When we went he was really mean to the person trying to make an account for me. He kept accusing the bank of trying to sell my information. I didn't make an account there, not because my dad was acting like a jerk, but because they didn't have they type of account I wanted.

Yesterday my dad wants me to make another bank account. He just wants me to go with him to make one. I don't like to do things on the fly. I like to do my research and stuff. Thoughts of my previous 2 attempts of me making an account. He claimed he would "stay in the car", but I don't trust him. He never does.

I really don't want to put my money in a bank account. I don't trust banks. A lot of them have failed. Seriously I feel safer stuffing the money in my mattress. Ok, not my mattress, but still stashing it away somewhere. Another thing is that I want a really basic account. I really don't want to have to pay to do anything with my money. I don't want to be charged to see a teller, use an ATM, write checks (not bad ones), or bank on paper. I think such a thing does not exist! @o@

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Late Shift Part 2

Move over Edward and Jacob! Team Conan!

Actually I was going to write a blog about the time my dad tried to set up a checking account for me and meddled in my finances, but I'll save that blog for later; this is much more interesting to me. (Wow! that sentence is a cluster of bad grammar)

I'm wondering what a lot of people are; what is so special about Leno? I mean sure he pulled in the ratings, but in my opinion he's not as funny as Conan. What was the name of that bodybuilder character Jay use to play? That character wasn't funny.

There are some naysayers out there who are saying that Conan isn't famous or popular. Maybe like 15 years ago. Maybe NBC should have stuck to having Conan sign weekly contracts like he did when he was first on Late Night.

I'm also upset because I really wanted to go to a taping of Conan's show. I'll say what I said when Gwen's red dress was stolen "Oh! I wanted to see that!". It's funny that I went to a Ferguson taping before I went to a taping of Conan's show. You know I just went to Ferguson's show to see Shirley right?

It made me think about the movie The Late Shift that was made in 1996 It's a movie about when Carson stepped down, and who would host the Tonight show. The guy they got to play Letterman didn't really look like him.

There should be a movie made about this new mess. Jay Leno should be played by Mac Tonight. Who would play Conan?

Monday, January 11, 2010

Birthday Salt

My birthday wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. As my high school reunion and 30 approach me at creeping rate for now. Like I've said before as long as I don't get harassed by anybody it's a good birthday. Because of that a lot of people think I don't like birthdays, but I really do. I just like to be low key about it.

I ate at The Shrimp House. This is a good place if you are not opposed to "sea meats" or fried foods. I like both, so it's a good. Aside from the shrimp: I recommend the crab cakes, scallops and the New England Clam chowder. The scallops are quite large and juicy, and the crab cakes are flavorful, but not spicy. I just want to say I do not work for this place. The bad thing was that at the restaurant my dad spilled salt on the table. I did not want to have an unlucky birthday, so I threw some over my shoulder just to be safe.

Aside from the unlucky happening my dad also doesn't understand the concept of email mailing lists. Let me explain this better. I mean like when you sign up for them offline. For some strange reason he thinks you have the company or whatever give you their address. I mean I'm 26 and he was helicoptering me while I filled out the mailing list form at the restaurant! >:(

Well at least I didn't print out a bunch of mass email birthday greetings. *sigh*

I got some Harajuku Lovers fragrance. I got the "G" scent. That is the Gwen one. I still haven't opened it though.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bad Presents from Grandma

Ok first off I want to say that my blond obsessed grandma is notorious for giving bad gifts. This is not just because I’m older now. She’s been giving bad gifts since I can remember. It’s not just as I’ve gotten older she use to give bad gifts when I was a kid. The problem with me was that my birthday was too close to Christmas. I don’t really see how it is so close. Christmas falls on the 25th of December, and birthday is on January 10th. You know I have a cousin who has a birthday closer to Christmas than mine. Anyway she would give my 3 cousins who are close in age to me (including the on whose birthday is in December) all the same gift for Christmas, and I would get something else. When it was my birthday I would get an identical or nearly identical gift to the one my cousins received for Christmas. How do I know this? My mother also thought this was unfair and asked my grandma why she did it, and my grandma told her about my birthday being too close to Christmas. It’s not like I can change my birthday. I know it came from my mom, but I trust what she told me.

The dolls; did I write about the dolls? I forget sometimes I tell that story so much. Back when I was really little like 4. Anyway my 3 cousins who are close in age to me and I received dolls. I can remember if any other granddaughters received them besides the 4 of us. Anyway my cousin who I mentioned before got the best doll; a blond bride doll. My grandma tired to cover it up and “claim” they were all story book characters, and that her doll was Cinderella. Her older sister was mad; she received a Little Red Riding Hood doll. I got a “Goldilocks” doll that was a brunette! I’m not sure how that works. That’s who my grandma claimed she was. I’m not exactly sure who she was perhaps Little Miss Muffet? The funny thing is in the picture of us with the dolls the 3 of us look pissed off.

Ridiculously small clothes this gets its own 2 paragraphs. I just want to say that I did the research and looked through my paper writings; I could not find the year that I got the tiny red sweater. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess 2008 which would have been Christmas 2007. I don’t know the end of 2007 through the beginning of 2008 was kind of messy I was preoccupied with a deteriorating friendship. Anyway my parents come back with the presents. My mom tells me she got a sweater. When I open my present I got one too. The sweater was really small and smelled like perfume. It wasn’t my grandma’s perfume or even my mom’s. It was eventually donated.

Recently I received from her 2 ridiculously small shirts. When I opened the bag I took them out and I was disappointed and laughing; laughing to hide my disappointment. They were size 7 juniors. I haven’t worn a size 7 juniors top since I was in 6th grade. I show them to my dad who coincidentally got a shirt that was too large for him. I showed them how small they were. He said they were too small to fit my other cousins who are around my age. My dad tells me that the shirts look like they could fit a 10 year old. The worst thing was there were no tags on the shirts. SHE TOOK THEM OFF! I COULDN’T EVEN RETURN THEM IF I WANTED TO! I mean even if she got them on clearance or whatever I could have taken them back to the store for credit or something. She knows I’m not a size 7 and haven’t been for years. I was “porking out” the last time I visited her. I think is a ploy by her to find out how fat I’ve gotten, and to be honest I wouldn’t put it past her ‘cause she’s like that. These shirts will probably be donated too.

Let’s what were some of the better presents she gave… the faux garnet jewelry, a bracelet, a back scrubbing sponge, my stuffed lion I named Van Go, a snowglobe, an Aladdin sweatshirt, a play cooking set. Um… that’s all I can think of off the top of my head.

I hate to quote Sally from a Charlie Brown but, “If it seems too complicated, make it easy on yourself: just send money. How about tens and twenties?” I wouldn't be stuck with ridiculously small clothes.

Friday, January 8, 2010

This is not a Resolution

Well that whole NBC Late Night thing is a mess. I'd be kinda sad if they cancel Carson. I like him well not as much as Conan, but way more than Seacrest. I'm very mad at NBC. Let's just say that. Too bad I'm not taking a media class right now.

Aside from all that my dad got mad at me because I'm not spending money? I think he thinks that my monthly horoscope is some kind of resolution. Actually he should be heading my advice he is a Capricorn too. The thing is I want to see if I can last a whole month. It's only been 8 days. I've been looking at and pricing items that I plan to buy next month. I want to get the best deal.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Canceled Already?

Ok so I heard the Jay Leno show is canceled. According to some reputable sources it is. There is also some talk that he will go back to late night and push Conan back a half hour to 12:05 AM. Everything will get pushed back, but Carson and Poker were not mentioned. Please Please NBC take off Poker. The word is that his show will be off after the Winter Olympics. Cheap programming doesn't always mean ratings. Which makes me wonder how Let's Make a Deal is doing?

To be honest I'm still convinced that locally in LA that UTB's subbed anime is beating his show. I could be wrong though. I also heard that Letterman is getting way better ratings that Conan. Plus there are a lot of older people who like Letterman and Leno. Conan usually appeals to the younger crowd.

See? This is really interesting to me. I'm such a nerd! X0X

Oh yeah and I'm still doing research on that bad presents blog. I got a bad present a few years ago, but I trying to remember the exact year. I think it's somewhere between 2005 and 2007.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Funnel Cake Sticks

I was going to write a review of those Funnel Cake Sticks from Burger King. I tried them a while ago; back in December. Instead I wrote a blog about the death of Connie Hines.

At first I was afraid to try them because I read a lot of bad reviews of them on the internet. Then I thought "I love fried foods". I also thought I shouldn't make assumptions. That is something I really need to stop doing.

They are really good. They sell them all day. I like them with better when the dipping sauce icing provided. The ones I ate were crunchy on the outside but soft on the inside.

I like to eat real funnel cake at amusement parks. The only problem is when something cold is put on top of it, and the cake gets cold. I love fresh funnel cake.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Yeah so I got reprimanded for not doing chores yesterday because I was alone. I really don't care though. How often do I get a free day?

I decided to take the day off from blogging. I was going to work the bad gift I've gotten from my grandma over the years, but I feel it needs more research. I think my next blog will be about those funnel cake sticks. Unless something blog-worthy happens.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Free Day!

It's been a while since I had one. Not since last year. Ok ok lame joke right? I haven't had one since September. Not since my parents went to my grandma's house to get that junky Buick that belonged to my dad's dead uncle. Seriously I could write a long ranting blog about how junky that car is. But this is not the blog for that.

Since today is a free day I get a little excited because I don't know where to start or what to do. There are so many things. None of which involve chores or cleaning. I figure it's my time to "be lazy". I like being alone and having a house to myself. I like being alone; maybe that's an only child thing. It's fun to be a bachelorette for like a day.

Here are some of the things I did: sang "Why Do You Love Me" aloud, ate sweets for breakfast, decoupaged, watched Absolute Garbage, drank sweet strong tea, ate cheese, wrote in my diary, and trimmed my nails.

I invented a new sandwich a few days ago. It's a toasted cheese sandwich. Here's what you use. First you need some cheese spread. I used port wine flavor because that's what we had. First you toast the bread. Just used was what around, so I used plain white bread. Then I used the cheese spread instead of butter, margarine or cream cheese, and put the 2 pieces together. Maybe I should try one with aresol cheese.

I was thinking about working on my Halloween costume. It's never too early to plan, but then I thought I should start planning after my birthday. Perhaps if I start in January I will actually finish a costume. Something that I didn't hastily put together in 3 days.

I decided that I'd spurge in February and buy my self a little present. I do have something in mind. It's a secret until I buy it. ;)

For some reason I can't find any pictures online of the Sanrio character Roberta. She is a bear character. I had a picture of her, but I lost it when the hard drive broke.

I wanted to see how long it would be before I used the banned word. The "t-word". I was trying to think of a replacement word. First thought I could use the word "chirp", but then I remembered that is what the Boost Mobile phones do. Especilaly when ham eating pigs use them. It took me 2 days. 2 days! Damn! >:(

Since my dad went to my grandma's (his mom) visiting. I've written about her before. She is the one who conditioned my
blond obsession. When he came back with the presents from her I was dreading what they were. She is notorious for giving bad gifts. This deserves it's own blog too. Well at least she didn't put her cat in a box a wrap it.

I was very disappointed by Cena's appearance at the Fiesta Bowl. I mean it was nice to see him and all. He got so little screen time. I was hoping they would interview him for the pregame show or something. I mean he has a football background. He could have even plugged Wrestlemania or something. He looked good though. He cleaned up well. He was dressed in a suit. I liked his tie. He looks so out of place in dressy clothes. I'm so use to seeing him in jean shorts and a t-shirt. I mean he's one of the few wrestlers who are exempt from the "suit rule"; The Undertaker is another one. The feed kept cutting off. My dad kept blaming it on Time Warner. I have no idea why; we get Fox OTA (over the air). He just has to complain about something he knows nothing about.

The funny thing was I had cheese at every meal. It was like that time I had bacon for every meal one day when we were in the process of moving.

Aside from the blog about the junky Buick and the blog about the horrible gifts my paternal grandmother gives. I have have material for a blog about those funnel cake sticks and a full review of that bear speaker pillow. Oh yeah and if you want to see some bad Mighty Morphin Power Rangers fan art or read some bad fan fics that I did between the ages of 9 though 11. I'll post them here if you want me to. Just leave me a comment.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Know Your Astrological Signs

So I read in my horoscope that I should not waste my cash and beware of scams. This is for Capricorns, so if you are a Capricorn and are reading this it's also for you. I read that horoscope last year. It's for 2010 though. I decided that I'm not going to make any frivolous purchases. For a month. That will be so hard! It says to beware especially at the end of the month.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Where's my Bow?

Strange title huh? It has to do with the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. The bow in the title refers to a bow like a bow and arrow. So I decided to watch the rebroadcasts of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers on ABC Kids. I thought it would be a fun little nostalgic tip back to 1993. Wow! It's been that long? The funny thing is that back when it premiered I almost didn't see it because my mom was at the dentist. Actually the dentist and Power Rangers had a lot of conflicts in my life.

The first time I saw the show I wasn't really into it. I mean I didn't hate it, but I wasn't in love with it...yet.
I didn't really get into the show until I saw the episode "Foul Play in the Sky". That was the episode that got me hooked, and turned me into a Kimberly fan at the same time. "Foul Play in the Sky" is my favorite Power Rangers episode ever. Why is Kimberly my favorite character? I liked her because she was fashionable, a gymnast, and a brunette too. I don't know I didn't like Trini as much as Kimberly. I liked Zack more than Trini. When I was in 4th grade most of the girls who did admit to liking Power Rangers liked Trini.
When I was a kid I was a little too into Power Rangers. Even though I was in the target audience when it started I was 9 when it came out. It was uncool for a 4th grader to like it. It was considered "kids' stuff". I still think there were some closet fans in my 4th grade class. Back then I pretty much spent all my allowance on Power Rangers merchandise. I use to save up like $10 to buy the videos. Back then Power Rangers merchandise was so hard to find because it was so popular. When it was Christmas in 1993 I didn't get any Power Ranger toys. :( I got inline skates and a toy bow and arrow. I wanted to bow and arrow, so I could play Power Rangers. I remember how excited I was to find the videos on sale at the mall. The cashier was making fun of me. Yeah, I was nerding out for videos. I was such a nerd back then; like I am now. Some things never change right? The reason was because my grandpa had set up our VCR wrong and it would play videos, but not record off the tv. When we finally set up the VCR correctly when we moved in 1994. It was dying and eating tapes.

I mean back then Power Rangers knockoff shows were so prevalent back then I got sick of them. Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad was pretty funny.
I liked that show it was funny and campy. It only ran for one season. Actually Power Rangers was the reason I got into Sailor Moon. I was reluctant to watch it because I thought it was "just another Power Rangers knockoff show". Well Sailor Moon is sort of like a sentai mixed with magical girl.

A few years ago I started writing a fan fic that I never finished. It was a crossover between the Winx Club and the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Kimberly and Stella get into an argument. Maybe if I find it and finish it I'll post it here or something. (it's not written in prose)
Here's a link to a drawing based on the fan fic I started writing.

When I saw the rebroadcasts they were horrible! Not because of the lameness, and how dated the show looks now. No, I liked that part. That was the fun part. It got defaced. First off they changed the opening theme. They cut out the part where they would show them unmorphed doing something. They cut out the part of Zack hip hop dancing! Ugh! They also changed the logo. Also there were also these scenes where there would be these strange colorful inserted backgrounds. It was like I was looking at an obnoxious myspace page layout or something. Why did have to label everything? Also it was like watching the 60s version of Batman with Adam West in it or something? When they were fighting the Putties words like "Kick!" and "Pow!" would appear. They took something that was pretty cheesy in it's own right and made it cheesier in a bad way. Why did they advertise it as "all new"!? New? When? In 1993?

I noticed all the cuts too. Since they showed "Day of the Dumpster" and "High Five" which I have on video. I use to watch those so many times it's like those episodes are inscribed in my brain even though I haven't watched them in years.

I hate to think how they'll deface 2 of my favorite episodes "Power Ranger Punks" and "Foul Play in the Sky". Maybe in the part when Kimberly and Billy become punks the word "Punx" will appear on the screen in some obnoxious font, and maybe some skulls or something.

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year New Blog (post)

I'm going to be working on this blog throughout the day.

First off I want to say that after seeing the tag #10yearsago on twitter it prompted me to read my old dairy from 10 years ago when I wrote about new years eve 1999 and new years day 2000. Most of the entry from 1999 was about watching New Years celebrations all over the world.

My song of 1999 was...guess; ok it was "New" by No Doubt.

I wrote about Letterman's predictions. (For some reason they are hard to read on the official CBS site. Just highlight them)

What the hell I'll just post them here. But now looking back at them them were just dumb I don't know why I thought they were so funny. I was 15 and stupid.

Friday, December 31, 1999
Top Ten Effects of Y2K

Stuff's gonna 'splode. The Big Dipper will fall out of the sky and kill a guy in Sweden.

Everyone's voice will suddenly sound exactly like mine. Michael Jackson will finally look in the mirror and say, "My God, what the hell is wrong with me?" There will be a new letter added to the English alphabet--"Ngeepee." A computer glitch will force Bill Gates to pay off every American's credit card. No more answering the phone by saying: "Yello!"

Every kid will lose interest in that Pokemon crap. Ricky Martin will become even more "mantastic." Despite assurances from high-ranking officials that it could not happen, refuting decades of conventional scientific wisdom, flying the in the face of smug predictions by so-called experts, Kraft Macaroni & Cheese will become even cheesier. On the plus side, kitties will be slightly cuter.
Dog and cats will have to be re-neutered. That Regis show will be called "Who Wants A Gallon of Pure Water and Some Ammo?" Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen will grow 50 feet tall and begin eating people. Even if you're wearing neither shirt nor shoes, you may actually get service. The "g" in "gnome" will no longer be silent. Wednesday and Thursday will switch places.

ATM machines will now dispense cash in "original" or "mesquite barbecue." Census computers will change every name in America to Tony Danza. Jumping on a trampoline will no longer be fun. The sun won't work until next Thursday. Let's just say Ellen and Anne will be back on our team again. Those aliens they're storing in Area 51 will come back to life, and boy will they be pissed. Let's just say you folks in Iowa better know how to swim.

Ok enough about what I thought about 10 years ago. You know what if I'm not buy in April I have a fun little blog I'll post reminiscing about something that happened to me 10 years ago.

The New Years Eve show on Fox was pretty bad. Showing highlights from the Billboard awards from the past decade? Tell me if you know what is wrong with that statement? The award ceremony hasn't been televised since 2006. That was the last year. So they'd only have 6 years of moments. Well at least it's better than the shows they had been showing the previous few years that were just promoting their bowl games. Fox what happened to you!? You use to be so edgy remember that? I miss when they use to have Penn and Teller.

I didn't make any resolutions this year because I usually break them anyway. I think my record is 3 days. I was on a diet for 3 days. This was a long time ago though back when I was in junior high. The ushering in of a new year does not dictate that you should improve yourself. Anyway I'm still working on; having better hair, dressing more age appropriate, finishing college, and committing to a major.

The funny thing about a new year is that starting on the first pretty much everything is "last year". Too bad you can't have "items from the future". Then you would never have things that are "last year".

Oh goody! The list of banned words it out. I'll make sure not to use them. Oh! Too late! I already did in one of my tags! DAMN! >:( For the record nobody should use the word "chillaxin'" ever! Not even the 4Kids dub Musa. (Let me throw up now). If you use the word "transparent"/"transparency" in it's correct usage is it bad? Ex: Do you have a transparency for the overhead projector? Well in 2008 I almost did it, but started using the word "random" towards the end of the year. (Bad Me!)

I'll leave you with one last thought. How long will it be before getting nostalgic for the 90s becomes common place? Especially since the 90s kids are entering college now. I've been nostalgic for it since about 2003. As long as I don't end up on a make over show because I'm accused of "living in the 90s". *whispers* I never really left it. LOL! :P