Thursday, January 21, 2010

Conan's Deal

I'm going to blog about Conan again yeah I bet some of my readers are sick of it. Well if you are then just skip this blog today.

Now officially Conan and NBC have worked out their deal.

Here is a funny thought that popped into my head. I wonder what will happen to the set of his show? Maybe I'll be lucky enough to find it in a dumpster, and then set it up in the house somewhere. It could be like that Seinfeld episode The Merv Griffin Show. Where Kramer finds the set of the old Merv Griffin show in a dumpster, sets it up in his apartment, runs a show and books guests.

I also liked that Conan wasted money! You go out in a blaze of glory! I know I would.

You people disgust me! Those of you who are jumping on the Conan bandwagon. Where were you when he needed ratings! For shame! I'm waging my finger at you.

My dad said he wanted to watch Conan's last episode of the Tonight Show with me. I was like "No! No!" After the disastrous experience I had with my dad watching Conan's last episode of Late Night. He woke up and started watching it with me because he had a "headache". Due to his headache the tv was too "loud", so he rudely swiped the remote from me. He turned it down really low, and I could barely hear it. He bothered me through the whole show, and asked all these dumb questions. He was also bored with the heartfelt speech Conan gave at the end of the show. (my dad hates emotional stuff)

If he wants to try and relate to me by watching the show with me it's worse than just letting me watch the show by myself. Why can't you just pretend that I like (American) football?

Here's a picture of Conan I'm throwing in the blog just for good measure.

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