Saturday, January 2, 2010

Where's my Bow?

Strange title huh? It has to do with the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. The bow in the title refers to a bow like a bow and arrow. So I decided to watch the rebroadcasts of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers on ABC Kids. I thought it would be a fun little nostalgic tip back to 1993. Wow! It's been that long? The funny thing is that back when it premiered I almost didn't see it because my mom was at the dentist. Actually the dentist and Power Rangers had a lot of conflicts in my life.

The first time I saw the show I wasn't really into it. I mean I didn't hate it, but I wasn't in love with it...yet.
I didn't really get into the show until I saw the episode "Foul Play in the Sky". That was the episode that got me hooked, and turned me into a Kimberly fan at the same time. "Foul Play in the Sky" is my favorite Power Rangers episode ever. Why is Kimberly my favorite character? I liked her because she was fashionable, a gymnast, and a brunette too. I don't know I didn't like Trini as much as Kimberly. I liked Zack more than Trini. When I was in 4th grade most of the girls who did admit to liking Power Rangers liked Trini.
When I was a kid I was a little too into Power Rangers. Even though I was in the target audience when it started I was 9 when it came out. It was uncool for a 4th grader to like it. It was considered "kids' stuff". I still think there were some closet fans in my 4th grade class. Back then I pretty much spent all my allowance on Power Rangers merchandise. I use to save up like $10 to buy the videos. Back then Power Rangers merchandise was so hard to find because it was so popular. When it was Christmas in 1993 I didn't get any Power Ranger toys. :( I got inline skates and a toy bow and arrow. I wanted to bow and arrow, so I could play Power Rangers. I remember how excited I was to find the videos on sale at the mall. The cashier was making fun of me. Yeah, I was nerding out for videos. I was such a nerd back then; like I am now. Some things never change right? The reason was because my grandpa had set up our VCR wrong and it would play videos, but not record off the tv. When we finally set up the VCR correctly when we moved in 1994. It was dying and eating tapes.

I mean back then Power Rangers knockoff shows were so prevalent back then I got sick of them. Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad was pretty funny.
I liked that show it was funny and campy. It only ran for one season. Actually Power Rangers was the reason I got into Sailor Moon. I was reluctant to watch it because I thought it was "just another Power Rangers knockoff show". Well Sailor Moon is sort of like a sentai mixed with magical girl.

A few years ago I started writing a fan fic that I never finished. It was a crossover between the Winx Club and the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Kimberly and Stella get into an argument. Maybe if I find it and finish it I'll post it here or something. (it's not written in prose)
Here's a link to a drawing based on the fan fic I started writing.

When I saw the rebroadcasts they were horrible! Not because of the lameness, and how dated the show looks now. No, I liked that part. That was the fun part. It got defaced. First off they changed the opening theme. They cut out the part where they would show them unmorphed doing something. They cut out the part of Zack hip hop dancing! Ugh! They also changed the logo. Also there were also these scenes where there would be these strange colorful inserted backgrounds. It was like I was looking at an obnoxious myspace page layout or something. Why did have to label everything? Also it was like watching the 60s version of Batman with Adam West in it or something? When they were fighting the Putties words like "Kick!" and "Pow!" would appear. They took something that was pretty cheesy in it's own right and made it cheesier in a bad way. Why did they advertise it as "all new"!? New? When? In 1993?

I noticed all the cuts too. Since they showed "Day of the Dumpster" and "High Five" which I have on video. I use to watch those so many times it's like those episodes are inscribed in my brain even though I haven't watched them in years.

I hate to think how they'll deface 2 of my favorite episodes "Power Ranger Punks" and "Foul Play in the Sky". Maybe in the part when Kimberly and Billy become punks the word "Punx" will appear on the screen in some obnoxious font, and maybe some skulls or something.

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