Saturday, January 16, 2010

Miscellaneous Blog #28

I can't wait until the month is over, so I can do a bunch of frivolous spending! I've started planning out some Halloween costumes, and I just need to buy a few items to complete them. I haven't made any preliminarily sketches yet.

Aside from working on a Halloween costume I'm very happy that I completed my first decoupage project. It might not be very good, but it's my first attempt. Maybe I'll post it on here. I haven't decided yet.

You know I told my mom the idea of recording a comedy album and she said it was a good idea. I can believe it! @o@

I think the whole Conan/Jay/NBC negotiations are over. Conan is gone! The rumor is that his staff is mad at him and supposedly "everybody hates Conan". Well you know they are all unemployed. Let's get on the recliner of rage. I'm as fired up as a charmander. Where is Pierre when you need him? Why was everybody saying Letterman is a bitter old man. Hello!? Pretty much the same thing happened to him. Do you research people! History repeats itself, and this was no exception. I will not watch Leno's monologues again! Even if Letterman in is repeats. It's not like I really liked Leno's monologues anyway. I thought they were pretty bland. I perfer Letterman's comedy styling anyway. I enjoy watching him guess pie flavors, throwing watermelons off a building, stupid human tricks, stupid pet tricks, and psychic sandwich. Well I do tend to like "lowbrow" comedy. Shut Up Baby Boomers! Ok, ok you're where the money is, but that still doesn't mean I'll be listening to classic rock and watching Leno *shudders* Remember don't be mean to natural redheads they have magic powers. Don't forget if you are a natural blond to wear opal. It keeps your hair blond.

I'll leave you with this last thought. Why are people more impressed when somebody does something easy well; than when somebody fails at something hard? I'm not talking about people who make extraordinary things look easy either.

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