Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year New Blog (post)

I'm going to be working on this blog throughout the day.

First off I want to say that after seeing the tag #10yearsago on twitter it prompted me to read my old dairy from 10 years ago when I wrote about new years eve 1999 and new years day 2000. Most of the entry from 1999 was about watching New Years celebrations all over the world.

My song of 1999 was...guess; ok it was "New" by No Doubt.

I wrote about Letterman's predictions. (For some reason they are hard to read on the official CBS site. Just highlight them)

What the hell I'll just post them here. But now looking back at them them were just dumb I don't know why I thought they were so funny. I was 15 and stupid.

Friday, December 31, 1999
Top Ten Effects of Y2K

Stuff's gonna 'splode. The Big Dipper will fall out of the sky and kill a guy in Sweden.

Everyone's voice will suddenly sound exactly like mine. Michael Jackson will finally look in the mirror and say, "My God, what the hell is wrong with me?" There will be a new letter added to the English alphabet--"Ngeepee." A computer glitch will force Bill Gates to pay off every American's credit card. No more answering the phone by saying: "Yello!"

Every kid will lose interest in that Pokemon crap. Ricky Martin will become even more "mantastic." Despite assurances from high-ranking officials that it could not happen, refuting decades of conventional scientific wisdom, flying the in the face of smug predictions by so-called experts, Kraft Macaroni & Cheese will become even cheesier. On the plus side, kitties will be slightly cuter.
Dog and cats will have to be re-neutered. That Regis show will be called "Who Wants A Gallon of Pure Water and Some Ammo?" Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen will grow 50 feet tall and begin eating people. Even if you're wearing neither shirt nor shoes, you may actually get service. The "g" in "gnome" will no longer be silent. Wednesday and Thursday will switch places.

ATM machines will now dispense cash in "original" or "mesquite barbecue." Census computers will change every name in America to Tony Danza. Jumping on a trampoline will no longer be fun. The sun won't work until next Thursday. Let's just say Ellen and Anne will be back on our team again. Those aliens they're storing in Area 51 will come back to life, and boy will they be pissed. Let's just say you folks in Iowa better know how to swim.

Ok enough about what I thought about 10 years ago. You know what if I'm not buy in April I have a fun little blog I'll post reminiscing about something that happened to me 10 years ago.

The New Years Eve show on Fox was pretty bad. Showing highlights from the Billboard awards from the past decade? Tell me if you know what is wrong with that statement? The award ceremony hasn't been televised since 2006. That was the last year. So they'd only have 6 years of moments. Well at least it's better than the shows they had been showing the previous few years that were just promoting their bowl games. Fox what happened to you!? You use to be so edgy remember that? I miss when they use to have Penn and Teller.

I didn't make any resolutions this year because I usually break them anyway. I think my record is 3 days. I was on a diet for 3 days. This was a long time ago though back when I was in junior high. The ushering in of a new year does not dictate that you should improve yourself. Anyway I'm still working on; having better hair, dressing more age appropriate, finishing college, and committing to a major.

The funny thing about a new year is that starting on the first pretty much everything is "last year". Too bad you can't have "items from the future". Then you would never have things that are "last year".

Oh goody! The list of banned words it out. I'll make sure not to use them. Oh! Too late! I already did in one of my tags! DAMN! >:( For the record nobody should use the word "chillaxin'" ever! Not even the 4Kids dub Musa. (Let me throw up now). If you use the word "transparent"/"transparency" in it's correct usage is it bad? Ex: Do you have a transparency for the overhead projector? Well in 2008 I almost did it, but started using the word "random" towards the end of the year. (Bad Me!)

I'll leave you with one last thought. How long will it be before getting nostalgic for the 90s becomes common place? Especially since the 90s kids are entering college now. I've been nostalgic for it since about 2003. As long as I don't end up on a make over show because I'm accused of "living in the 90s". *whispers* I never really left it. LOL! :P

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