Monday, January 11, 2010

Birthday Salt

My birthday wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. As my high school reunion and 30 approach me at creeping rate for now. Like I've said before as long as I don't get harassed by anybody it's a good birthday. Because of that a lot of people think I don't like birthdays, but I really do. I just like to be low key about it.

I ate at The Shrimp House. This is a good place if you are not opposed to "sea meats" or fried foods. I like both, so it's a good. Aside from the shrimp: I recommend the crab cakes, scallops and the New England Clam chowder. The scallops are quite large and juicy, and the crab cakes are flavorful, but not spicy. I just want to say I do not work for this place. The bad thing was that at the restaurant my dad spilled salt on the table. I did not want to have an unlucky birthday, so I threw some over my shoulder just to be safe.

Aside from the unlucky happening my dad also doesn't understand the concept of email mailing lists. Let me explain this better. I mean like when you sign up for them offline. For some strange reason he thinks you have the company or whatever give you their address. I mean I'm 26 and he was helicoptering me while I filled out the mailing list form at the restaurant! >:(

Well at least I didn't print out a bunch of mass email birthday greetings. *sigh*

I got some Harajuku Lovers fragrance. I got the "G" scent. That is the Gwen one. I still haven't opened it though.

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