Monday, January 4, 2010

Free Day!

It's been a while since I had one. Not since last year. Ok ok lame joke right? I haven't had one since September. Not since my parents went to my grandma's house to get that junky Buick that belonged to my dad's dead uncle. Seriously I could write a long ranting blog about how junky that car is. But this is not the blog for that.

Since today is a free day I get a little excited because I don't know where to start or what to do. There are so many things. None of which involve chores or cleaning. I figure it's my time to "be lazy". I like being alone and having a house to myself. I like being alone; maybe that's an only child thing. It's fun to be a bachelorette for like a day.

Here are some of the things I did: sang "Why Do You Love Me" aloud, ate sweets for breakfast, decoupaged, watched Absolute Garbage, drank sweet strong tea, ate cheese, wrote in my diary, and trimmed my nails.

I invented a new sandwich a few days ago. It's a toasted cheese sandwich. Here's what you use. First you need some cheese spread. I used port wine flavor because that's what we had. First you toast the bread. Just used was what around, so I used plain white bread. Then I used the cheese spread instead of butter, margarine or cream cheese, and put the 2 pieces together. Maybe I should try one with aresol cheese.

I was thinking about working on my Halloween costume. It's never too early to plan, but then I thought I should start planning after my birthday. Perhaps if I start in January I will actually finish a costume. Something that I didn't hastily put together in 3 days.

I decided that I'd spurge in February and buy my self a little present. I do have something in mind. It's a secret until I buy it. ;)

For some reason I can't find any pictures online of the Sanrio character Roberta. She is a bear character. I had a picture of her, but I lost it when the hard drive broke.

I wanted to see how long it would be before I used the banned word. The "t-word". I was trying to think of a replacement word. First thought I could use the word "chirp", but then I remembered that is what the Boost Mobile phones do. Especilaly when ham eating pigs use them. It took me 2 days. 2 days! Damn! >:(

Since my dad went to my grandma's (his mom) visiting. I've written about her before. She is the one who conditioned my
blond obsession. When he came back with the presents from her I was dreading what they were. She is notorious for giving bad gifts. This deserves it's own blog too. Well at least she didn't put her cat in a box a wrap it.

I was very disappointed by Cena's appearance at the Fiesta Bowl. I mean it was nice to see him and all. He got so little screen time. I was hoping they would interview him for the pregame show or something. I mean he has a football background. He could have even plugged Wrestlemania or something. He looked good though. He cleaned up well. He was dressed in a suit. I liked his tie. He looks so out of place in dressy clothes. I'm so use to seeing him in jean shorts and a t-shirt. I mean he's one of the few wrestlers who are exempt from the "suit rule"; The Undertaker is another one. The feed kept cutting off. My dad kept blaming it on Time Warner. I have no idea why; we get Fox OTA (over the air). He just has to complain about something he knows nothing about.

The funny thing was I had cheese at every meal. It was like that time I had bacon for every meal one day when we were in the process of moving.

Aside from the blog about the junky Buick and the blog about the horrible gifts my paternal grandmother gives. I have have material for a blog about those funnel cake sticks and a full review of that bear speaker pillow. Oh yeah and if you want to see some bad Mighty Morphin Power Rangers fan art or read some bad fan fics that I did between the ages of 9 though 11. I'll post them here if you want me to. Just leave me a comment.

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