Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lap Desk

Here is a review of the lap desk I received for my birthday. It is a useful item since I asked for one. I was sick of trying to balance a clip board on my lap for all these years. Plus I didn’t want a desk that was just flat on the bottom.

I like it; although the picture looks misleading. My desk seems wider. There is a drink holder, but it is really shallow. I think it’s a convenient place to store your pen caps. It has a grooved border for your pens and stuff, so they don’t roll off the desk. The surface of the desk scratches easily. The surface is not completely flat. It sort of has a diamond pattern. Do not try to shade or color on this thing unless you want a diamond pattern on your paper. The bottom is pillow like. By feeling it I think it’s filled with plastic bags and those Styrofoam beads; then there is the outer fabric cover.

Now that I have one and examined it; I want to make my own. Actually I was going to make my own after I saw a tv show about making one out of a cutting board, hot glue and a big pillow like a throw pillow. I was going to do this project when I found my hot glue gun. I still haven’t found it and it’s been over a year. I’m staring to get really pissed off. Maybe I should just break down and buy another one. Anyway my mom got mad at me and told me that was a stupid idea, and a waste of a cutting board. I found a better idea for making one. Instead of using a cutting board I’d use a clip board. It’s easier to work with and you can clip your papers to the desk while you are using them. Since my desk is filled with plastic bags and Styrofoam balls. I thought, “Why not make this a recycled craft and use those plastic shopping bags? I know people make pillows with those.” Then I remembered there was a tutorial for a pool pillow made out of old shopping bags. Sadly the website went down, and I cannot find an archive for it. I cannot find similar tutorials for it. Well I guess I could just wing it. I can even personalize it by using any kind of fabric I want.

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