Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Late Shift Part 2

Move over Edward and Jacob! Team Conan!

Actually I was going to write a blog about the time my dad tried to set up a checking account for me and meddled in my finances, but I'll save that blog for later; this is much more interesting to me. (Wow! that sentence is a cluster of bad grammar)

I'm wondering what a lot of people are; what is so special about Leno? I mean sure he pulled in the ratings, but in my opinion he's not as funny as Conan. What was the name of that bodybuilder character Jay use to play? That character wasn't funny.

There are some naysayers out there who are saying that Conan isn't famous or popular. Maybe like 15 years ago. Maybe NBC should have stuck to having Conan sign weekly contracts like he did when he was first on Late Night.

I'm also upset because I really wanted to go to a taping of Conan's show. I'll say what I said when Gwen's red dress was stolen "Oh! I wanted to see that!". It's funny that I went to a Ferguson taping before I went to a taping of Conan's show. You know I just went to Ferguson's show to see Shirley right?

It made me think about the movie The Late Shift that was made in 1996 It's a movie about when Carson stepped down, and who would host the Tonight show. The guy they got to play Letterman didn't really look like him.

There should be a movie made about this new mess. Jay Leno should be played by Mac Tonight. Who would play Conan?

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