Thursday, January 7, 2010

Canceled Already?

Ok so I heard the Jay Leno show is canceled. According to some reputable sources it is. There is also some talk that he will go back to late night and push Conan back a half hour to 12:05 AM. Everything will get pushed back, but Carson and Poker were not mentioned. Please Please NBC take off Poker. The word is that his show will be off after the Winter Olympics. Cheap programming doesn't always mean ratings. Which makes me wonder how Let's Make a Deal is doing?

To be honest I'm still convinced that locally in LA that UTB's subbed anime is beating his show. I could be wrong though. I also heard that Letterman is getting way better ratings that Conan. Plus there are a lot of older people who like Letterman and Leno. Conan usually appeals to the younger crowd.

See? This is really interesting to me. I'm such a nerd! X0X

Oh yeah and I'm still doing research on that bad presents blog. I got a bad present a few years ago, but I trying to remember the exact year. I think it's somewhere between 2005 and 2007.

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