Sunday, January 17, 2010

Possible Future Endeavors for Conan

There are some rallies being held across the country to show support for Conan. The closest one to me is at Conan's soon to be former home base of Universal Studios California. I'd love to go, but we all know I'm not allowed to ride a bunch of buses into the city anymore. *rolls eyes* Anyway kudos to anyone who does go to any of them. It says to wear orange; I think it would be a good idea if you can find some of have some laying around is to use that colored hairspray in orange. Why not commit fully and use red dye? Let's make it look like class colors day back at my old high school!

Conan should get a grand or semi-grand sendoff like Krusty did. (Did he help write that episode?)

I have a few questions though some of which may go unanswered. What will happen to that wax Conan they made for an attraction at Universal? Will he get to keep that? Will it be for sale? Will it be shot out of a cannon?

I also wonder what will happen to the studio he used to tape the show at? Will Jay use it? Or will it just be a big waste of money?

According to this article NBC owns most or all of his bits. I even have some proposed new names "In the year 4000" and horny whale. Does this mean he can't do the string dance anymore?

Here is a random funny Conan related story. Back when I first started watching his show I use to imitate his dances. There was this one dance he use to do circa 1996 or 1997 where he would jump back and point to Andy. One day I was dancing like Conan, and I fell out of the open sliding glass door at my old house. I was always falling out of that door while I was dancing. I also fell out of it imitating a Gwen dance.

Since Conan'll be off tv soon I'll be having withdraws when he is gone. Just kidding! :P That doesn't mean I won't miss him. :(

Since Conan O'Brien is going to unemployed soon I have some ideas for some new ventures for him.

Team up with Shirley Manson and form a duo called "Too Red"
Host an informative DVD about the US presidents
Get a gig hosting a revived version of that late night 90s talk show Vibe
Go back as being a writer for The Simpsons
Host a show on a different channel; Conan's youtube channel
Open up profiles on social networking sites; to communicate with the fans
Be a cartoon voice
Host his own children's tv show
Works for Letterman as a writer
Write a book about this situation/his life
Be a character on Gossip Girl or Glee
Follow my blog; like Conan would read this *laughs hysterically*

Maybe we can go with a suggestion that Silent Beeker had about Conan going to the unemployment office. What about a skit where Conan and company are on like a dirt road holding up a sign that says "New York or Bust" and they are hitchhiking.

When I was younger; about 13 and first getting into late night tv. I wanted to have my own show. I seriously am not considering going into that venture. Jay might be hunting me down.

Remember, nobody says they want to get their late night talk show taken over somebody else in 7 months. Don't let Leno get in the way of your dreams.

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