Saturday, January 23, 2010

Farwell Conan (again)

Dear Internet,

Actually I started writing this blog yesterday.

Here’s a good idea for what to do with the unused studio. Let me host a late night show there were I make parodies of old music videos. I’m thinking an All Saints video. Or maybe I can shoot old movie parodies where it’s just the back of my head. Nah, that would be a silly show. Nobody would watch it.

I have a good idea if NBC wants to make a little bit of profit off Conan after he left. Why not release his whole hosting stint of 7 months on DVD? There are a little less than 150 episodes. That could be like a I don’t know $200 set right there. Of course the Crazy Expensive Comedy Bits will have to be cut. Think that is the reason why Soul Train is not on DVD. Who knew I’d be mentioning Conan O’Brien and Soul Train in the same blog post?

Conan's last Tonight Show was great. The best thing was I got to watch it alone, and not pestered by my father. Ate some old Pocky I've had in the fridge for a while. Surprisingly it was still good!

The Crazy Expensive Comedy bit was ok, I thought it wasn't as funny as the first 2. I would have done something with a Disney property. I thought it was funny when he said people were complaining about them on the internet. Of course they were fake. Wasn't Mine That Bird in the LA area for a local promotion at the local race track?

When I heard he was going to be evaluated by an NBC employee. I thought it was going to be Leno you know a real tongue and cheek thing there. Steve Carell was funny. Was he conductiong the interveiw as Micheal Scott or as Steve Carell? That was a bit confusing.

The part about Tom Hanks and the cream soda was funny. Conan was making a confused face while he was drinking it. I guess I thought it was funny because I drank cream soda with dinner yesterday. I think cream soda looks like pale beer. Conan with the large side burns looked funny. He looked like he belonged with those old timey baseball people, or maybe like an old portrait from an American history book. I couldn't stop laughing.

When Conan showed his highlights montage, and it said "To Be Continued" did anybody else just want to write Conan fan fics?

It was great when he thanked the fans. That was really classy Conan. I don't know him personally or anything, but I think he's not all arrogant and stuff. He's never seemed to come off that way.

The "Freebird" part was good. I'm not a big fan of that song or anything, but Will Ferrell was singing it. I just knew he had to get out the cowbell!

Ok maybe I will take his advice, and not be so cynical. It's so hard. I have been since about 2001? Around there way before I got kicked out of college. Way back when he was still on Late Night, and graffiti style bags were popular. But I'm going to try not to be. It's going to be hard since my reunion is in 2 years. While you find yourself there next to the Georgina Sparks of your graduation year. Does this mean I can still be pessimistic? ;P

A lot of people saying Conan's cynicism quote was full of BS, but I don't know I wasn't reading that off him. If he was cynical of the whole thing he probably would have hosted his show in an angry tirade.

I liked the beginning of Jimmy's show when he was singing "It's So Hard to say Goodbye to Yesterday" Boyz II Men style in the Dr. Oz show studios. Too bad he didn't hit the high note. That is actually one of the notes I can hit in that song. I don't sing "It's So Hard to say Goodbye to Yesterday" anymore because I sing it horribly. You know my tape player ate my "II" tape. I should really get a copy of that on CD.

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