Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Engrish Signage Funtime at the College School

Since I had a free day today I was goofing off and didn't properly prepare a blog.

These are some Engrish signs I saw back at my old school. I wish I had a camera phone earlier to take more pictures of Engrish signs I encountered at school. Oh yeah and I blocked out the names and numbers in all the signs.
This sign is mentioned in an old myspace blog I wrote.

My favorite thing to do at school was to go to the bulletin board where people would post things like fliers for work at home scams, lost dog/cat posters, stuff for sale, places to live, and other things.
I found this post while I was looking for a legitimate job post. I love the way this is written. Notice how it says “at”, but the person wrote “on” over it. Like changing that one word was going to fix the Engrish in it.

This one isn’t that funny. The only thing I found wrong with it was the part about the pets.
I’m not trying to copy That is a great site and you should visit it.


  1. Hahahaha when I read the second flier I heard it as if Link was saying it (see vid. If you don't know what I'm talking about) :

  2. Oh yeah that video was funny and annoying. It made me want to listen to the song "Excuse Me Mr." (live) for some reason.