Monday, September 21, 2009

Sandwiches and DVDs

Ok I just want to say a few quick things.

I found out some DVDs I wanted will only cost about $35 instead of $50 like I thought they would. And these are standard DVDs not blu ray or anything. I think I can spend $35, but not $50 that is like a pair of shoes to me. A good pair of name brand shoes.

Oh yeah and I have a recipe for everybody and it's really simple, but it contains meat. It's called the low carb salami sandwich.

You get 2 thick slices of salami. Then you put a spice of American cheese between them. And that's it. You have your sandwich.

Lastly there is somebody who I know that is having a baby and I just want to say congrats the couple. I knew she would be a mom. I always figured she'd be one of those soccer moms. She 's got that kind of personality.

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