Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sexy Nostalgia Part 3

This blog is going to talk about various 80s characters costumes. Jem, Pizzazz, She-ra and Smurfette. Ok I know The Smurfs came out before the 80s, but they were popularized back then.
I think Jem dressed pretty sexy in the cartoon, but not slutty. There are a lot of things wrong with this costume. The only thing I like about it is the belt. Too bad it doesn’t come with some star earrings. Why is the model wearing fishnet leggings? White fishnets would have been truer to the doll’s design. Here is a link to a picture of the 1st edition doll.
I think this “Misfit” is suppose to be Pizzazz. It’s not too bad. If you really want to look like Pizzazz you might want to wear one green sock. Like she did in the cartoon.
It should not be confused with the other Misfits.
I have some designs for some other Jem costumes including Rock and Curl Jem, Flash and Sizzle Jem, and Misfit Stormer.

The She-ra costume isn’t that bad. I mean it could use some wrist cuffs and maybe a sword. If I saw you wearing it I’d think you were She-ra.This Smurfette or “blue babe” costume as it’s called is pretty ugly. It’s not very “Smurfy“. Is it just me or is that model in the costume really busty? You know why didn’t the costume makers put a mushroom on the pocket instead of flowers? I guess maybe it would have been misinterpreted for somebody who does ‘shrooms.
To be honest I’ve seen better homemade Smurfette costumes. I wonder if there will be a slutty Sassette costume? I really hope they don’t “slut her out”. Especially since she is a Smurfling (kid Smurf). I think Sassette is a lesser known character than Smurfette. Smurfette is probably one of the most recognizable characters besides Papa Smurf.

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